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When To Surrender In Blackjack?

2022 Jun 10 5 min read
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In blackjack, mathematical probability dictates that there is an optimal time for every move, be it hitting, standing, splitting or doubling down. Half the battle in winning at blackjack is knowing when to surrender. Although not all blackjack tables offer surrender, it is part of the basic strategy that new blackjack players should be familiar with. Learn more about basic blackjack strategy in this article and find our when to surrender in blackjack.

What Is Surrender In Blackjack?

A blackjack surrender is an optional move available on some tables, in addition to hitting and standing. If you surrender your hand, you forfeit the play and half of the wager placed on that hand. In other words, surrender is when the house allows the player to fold before drawing cards. At online casinos, blackjack tables with surrender are called Blackjack Surrender.

The logic behind surrendering is that if your chances of winning with a hand are less than one in four, then surrendering will mitigate the damage to your bankroll in the long run. There are two types of surrender, an early and late surrender, and their use will depend on whether the dealer stands or hits on a soft 17.

Early Surrender

Early surrender is available when the dealer has an ace or a 10-point upcard and hasn’t checked for blackjack. Early surrender is considered favourable to players and is usually available in European and Asian casinos, but be mindful of table restrictions. In Macau casinos, for example, an early surrender is typically unavailable if the dealer shows an ace.

  • Surrender a hard 5-7 and 12-17 against the dealer’s ace.
  • Surrender a hard 14-16 against the dealer’s 10-point card.
  • Surrender the pairs 33, 66, 77 and 88 against the dealer’s ace.

Late Surrender

A late surrender allows the player to give up half of their wager when the dealer checks for (and does not have) blackjack. If the dealer has blackjack, surrender will not be available. Late surrender lowers the house edge but not as significantly as an early surrender; thus, this form of surrender is more common.

  • Surrender any 15 against the dealer’s ace, unless the dealer hits on a soft 17.
  • Surrender any 16 against the dealer’s ace or 10-point card.
  • Surrender any 17 against the dealer’s ace, unless the dealer hits on soft 17.




Rules Of Surrender Use


There are no complicated rules when it comes to surrendering a hand in blackjack. If surrender is available, keep in mind that you can only act on it before any additional cards are drawn. If you choose to make another move, such as hit or split, then surrender is off the table. Surrender will also be unavailable if the dealer shows an ace and has blackjack.

Tips For Blackjack Surrender

  • Surrendering in blackjack is not synonymous with defeat; after all, you are only giving up half of the wager. Surrendering, especially early surrendering, is an opportunity to make up for some of the losses on what would otherwise is likely a losing hand.
  • If you’re playing at an online casino and want to know whether or not the table offers surrender, you can find out by viewing the game’s rules. Usually, this page is indicated by the ‘?’ button.
  • Look up blackjack strategy charts to learn more about when surrendering is optimal.
  • To help you better understand blackjack, we recommend looking at guides on hitting, splitting, standing and doubling down as well.

At first glance, blackjack is a simple game. However, its simplicity is misleading! A single move can make or break a hand, so be sure to thoroughly look into basic and advanced blackjack strategy guides. Before you dive in and play for real money, we also recommend trying blackjack in free demos. You can find these free-to-play modes at online casinos, typically available on RNG/First Person blackjack games. Although you play against the algorithm and your stakes are virtual, playing for free is a great way to learn the game and perfect your strategy.

EnergyCasino players can try their hand at blackjack, for free, simply by registering and verifying their account. Demo availability may vary depending on jurisdiction; in some cases, you may be able to play as a visitor.