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Craps Strategy

2022 Oct 21 8 min read
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Craps is one of the major pillars of casino games. Strutting alongside timeless games like roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat, the game of craps has headlined casinos from all corners of the world.

It is not the easiest casino game to play, but that’s part of the reason why so many players have come to enjoy playing craps. It is celebrated for its diverse betting options and low house edge and became even more popular when it made its way to online casinos. To say that craps offers an entertaining gaming experience would be a serious understatement.

The number of craps players frequenting craps tables has practically doubled and tripled over the years, but most players are finding themselves stuck as to how to begin, especially when playing online.

This article will explore a few craps strategy tips to help prep you for a brilliant craps adventure.


‘Betting strategies’ or ‘betting systems’ are terms you’ll likely come across along your craps gaming journey, but what do those terms mean exactly?

A betting system is basically a method or technique that helps you place smart bets as opposed to random guessing. Strategies offer a structured approach to gambling and can be applied to virtually any casino game.

A strategy is successful when it effectively lowers the house edge to give craps players an advantage. However, with that said, no bet strategy can guarantee a win every time. You might be able to benefit from a lower house edge, but eliminating the house edge entirely is basically impossible.


To put it simply, wagering strategies help you make smarter and more effective decisions as you bet and play a craps game. Guessing and betting randomly can quickly lead you to a losing streak, and before you know it, you’ll be emptying your bankroll.

Many gamblers might think they need a big bankroll to use a wagering strategy. But, the great thing about most techniques is that they are super flexible and adjustable, so you can alter them to match your bankroll and minimise risk.


Before you go ahead and start strategising, you first need to fully understand the nuts and bolts of a typical craps game.

As we mentioned, craps has a super low house advantage — the lowest house edge of any casino game besides blackjack. But, while its house edge may be low, it still might be hard to you wrap your head around. So here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Research — There is a multitude of craps tables available at casinos, so do a bit of research and read through the game rules. Different variants may have altered rules, so make sure you know what gaming experience you’re getting into before you risk your bankroll.
  2. Your bankroll — Having a good bankroll management strategy is crucial when gambling online. Make sure your bankroll is suited to the craps strategy you’re going to use. For instance, a high-stakes technique wouldn’t win with a low bankroll.
  3. Table Minimum and Maximum Bet Limits — Bet limits can affect the longevity of your wagering strategy and go hand-in-hand with your bankroll management strategy. Be prepared to walk away from the game if the bet limits do not suit your bankroll or wagering method.
  4. Set limits — Managing your funds also entails setting limits. Craps is a game that will always keep you on your toes, but it can be pretty easy to get lost in the heat, and you wouldn’t want to get burned. Limit your gambling using a casino’s Responsible Gaming tools to ensure your funds are protected at all times.
  5. Practice — When playing at an online craps table, you can choose to play for free in the demo mode using virtual funds. While you won’t be able to collect any of the winnings, take the opportunity to test out your craps strategy while getting used to the general gameplay.
  6. Results Analysis — At the end of a game, take a look at the results of your craps strategy and decide whether this method met your expectations. During this time, you can also assess your gambling habits and see whether you need to take a break.


Before we get into all the individual techniques you could try, let’s take a step back and go through the three different types of strategies you can employ. Each strategy involves a different technique/ way of wagering, so these are helpful to know, especially when deciding how you want to approach the game.


“Flat betting” is a term used to describe wagering the same amount each time you play. While it may not be as entertaining as other wagering systems, it is great for wagering within your means and not risking your entire bankroll.

Here are the benefits of using flat betting systems:

  • Easy to implement.
  • Reliable.
  • Flexible.
  • Large profit opportunities.

By contrast, here are the pitfalls of flat betting:

  • Only profitable when the success rate is over 50%.
  • Bettor needs sizeable initial capital to make more significant profits.
  • Slow bankroll growth rate.


A positive progression system involves increasing your bet every time you win and decreasing your bet every time you lose. Positive progression systems are used to capitalise on a winning streak and minimise losses at the same time. For example, the 1-3-2-6 strategy and the Paroli system are two common positive progression methods.

The benefits of positive progression methods include:

  • Entertaining to use.
  • Simple.
  • Grants short-term wins.
  • May award a big win if you’re lucky.

Like any other method, however, it does come with a few disadvantages:

  • Isn’t very effective in the long run.
  • Can get risky after hitting a winning streak as the stakes get higher every time you win.


Contrasting a positive system, a negative progression system involves decreasing your bet after earning a win and increasing your bet when you lose. Two of the most widely-used negative systems include the Martingale and the Fibonacci systems.

Here are the pros of using this system:

  • Earn back losses back frequently.
  • Offers many small wins.

And here are a few cons:

  • Not easy to implement.
  • Not proven to work long-term.
  • Could hit the table’s maximum bet limit.
  • Doesn’t offer high payouts.


Now, let’s get into the actual strategies. Bear in mind that some systems can be used depending on how advanced of a craps player you are. We recommend that you play craps in the demo mode first before trying these methods out with real money.


Below you will find basic craps strategies for beginners:


Placing a pass line bet/ pass bet is the simplest strategy you can use. This wager has a house edge as low as 1.41%, and a winning pass line bet pays an even-money payout of 1:1. A newbie craps player can easily begin their craps journey by placing a wager on the pass line bet during the Come Out roll phase. If a seven or 11 land when the dice is rolled, the pass line bet wins, and players will earn a payout.


Pass line bets are probably the most popular bets placed in a craps game. And the pass line bet strategy is often regarded as the best strategy a player can implement, but it is not the only beginner strategy out there.

If players choose to place the don’t pass bet strategy, they won’t be winning any friends at the craps table, but it makes for an entertaining experience. With the Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come strategy, you will essentially be wagering against the shooter with a don’t pass bet. Players win a payout if the shooter makes a two or three on the next roll and lose if the dice rolls a seven or 11.

If the shooter rolls a 12, the don’t pass bet will push, and players will receive their bet back. However, if the point number is rolled, players should then make a don’t come bet. This strategy offers a house edge of 1.46% since the odds of winning don’t pass bets are lower than pass bets.


Below you will find advanced craps strategies:


The lay odds bet is one of the many other bets that can be placed aside from the original pass bet. Laying the odds involves wagering against the shooter and other players, as punters bet on the shooter landing a seven before a four, five, six, eight, nine or 10 are rolled.

This odds bet can only be placed during the Come Out roll phase after the point has been established. The odds of this bet winning are statistically fair, so there is no house edge. Low payout odds come hand-in-hand with this bet, however. Odds bets offer payouts of 1:2 odds, 2:3 odds, and 5:6 odds on four or 10, five or nine, and six or eight, respectively.


This strategy involves players pressing their craps bets when the place bet lands and pulling their winnings after the place bet lands four times. Here’s how it works:

Suppose a player wants to make a place bet on six. The maximum odds for this bet are 7:6, so if the dice rolls a six, the player will win €7. Then, they will keep €1 and ask the dealer to push their bet to €12. If the six is rolled before the point, the player will win €14. This goes on as long as a six is rolled before the point.

With this method, players can potentially win large payouts with minimal investment and use their winnings to double their bets with each round. However, the odds of this actually happening are quite low.


This method of wagering was created because the six and eight have the second-greatest odds of landing on the dice, with the highest winning odds being the seven.

Here, place bets are made on six and eight. If the dice rolls one of these numbers, players must pull their winnings and bet again. If their bet loses, they bet again but with an increased amount.


Craps has come a long way since its days on a land-based casino floor, especially now that it’s made its way to online casino sites. But, what are the differences between online and live craps tables?

Well, the most significant difference between the two is that a live craps table is played with a live dealer; it is streamed from an actual (and lavish) studio and in real time. On the other hand, an online craps table uses a computer to roll the dice and pay out winning bets.

Live craps is obviously much closer to reality, but online craps comes with a demo mode that allows you to place bets for free! You won’t be able to claim any actual winnings, but you’ll be able to try and test different strategies and check out the rules without having to put down real money.

The craps games you choose to play would depend on the gaming experience you’re looking for.


The best craps strategy is often considered to be the Pass Line strategy. It is the easiest technique to use and is also very suitable for beginners as all it entails is betting on the pass line.

In reality, however, there is no strategy that guarantees winning every time. House edges are always present no matter what casino game you play, so at some point, you will eventually lose


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Craps strategies help you make more informed decisions and increase your odds of winning more money than you would without one. If you’re not sure how to use a craps system, do a bit of research and practice in the demo mode for free before risking real money.


From come bets to prop bets (proposition bets), craps is filled to the brim with wagering options. But, out of all the bets you can place, don’t pass bets have the best odds due to their low house edge.


If you don’t have a lot of money in your bankroll, sticking to pass bets is probably the best way to go. These wagers are super easy to place and do not require much cash to win. Simply bet on the pass line during the Come Out roll phase! Bear in mind that winning is never a guarantee.


Unfortunately, there is no strategy to rolling dice that guarantees you'll win at craps every time due to the house edge.


Although losing is all part of the experience, here are a few tips: 1. Check the rules before you play. 2. Research tables with the best house edges.  3. Use a bankroll management strategy to safeguard your funds and minimise risk. 4. Understand the different wagers and their maximum odds — pass line bet, field bet, come bet, etc. 5. Familiarise yourself with the roll phases. 6. Know the difference between one-roll bets and multi-roll bets. 7. Do not wait for a big win to cash out.