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Dragon’s Clusterburster™: New From Red Tiger

2022 Aug 19 5 min read
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If there’s one thing Red Tiger knows how to do, it’s release banging slot games. Red Tiger’s latest hit is about to hit screens, and we’re going to tell you all about it!

Legend has it that, in a cave far, far away lies a cornucopia of great riches, only this treasure trove is guarded by a giant, scaled beast. Peek into the Dragon’s Clusterbuster™ slot and get ready for an adventure of mythical creatures, blazing features and fiery Free Spins bonuses. Be careful not to wake the treasure’s keeper, or things will get real hot real quick!

Dragon’s Clusterbuster™ is set to debut on 28 April. Are you ready to brave the beast?


Red Tiger has done it again with another fantastic slot. Players will be left awestruck by the number of bonuses they’ll dig up thanks to beautifully designed symbols, top-notch features and a theme where medieval reels meet myths and legends. If you’re looking to give this slot a couple of swings, here’s what you need to know before stepping foot into the flaming abyss.


Slot machines are a long way away from their fruity predecessors, and Dragon’s Clusterbuster™ is a perfect example of that. This game is a 9×9 grid slot with no set paylines. Landing matching symbols horizontally or vertically will form a winning cluster, causing those symbols to vanish and make way for other symbols to drop down. This slot is highly volatile and has a theoretical RTP of 96%.

Note that the RTP and other game features may change before the slot goes live. We’re only sharing what we know so far, so check the game’s rules after the premiere!


While players get a glimpse of the scaly beasts thanks to the slot’s backdrop and reel design, Red Tiger doesn’t quite set the scene of entering into an eerie lair. Each symbol is perfectly suited to the overall theme, but you’ll hardly find us tiptoeing past a sleeping beast to get to a great pile of treasure. That said, Red Tiger easily makes up for this with its incredible ability to create crisp graphics and thematic sound effects.



Dragon’s Clusterbuster™ features a number of special symbols. Lower-valued symbols include the A, K, Q, J and 10 classics. Higher-valued symbols include an ancient scroll, crossed swords, a gold crown, among others. This slot also includes a Wild symbol and mysterious egg bonus symbols!



Chain reactions set off when winning clusters form and are removed from the reels. New symbols will drop onto the grid to fill the empty reel positions. Chain reactions will continue until no new clusters form.


The Wild symbol is a staple feature that substitutes for all other symbols on the reels to help form more winning clusters.


As you enter the game, you will notice a massive 3×3 block in the middle of the grid. The outer tiles will unlock when winning clusters form in positions surrounding the block. Once all tiles have been broken, this will activate the Hatchling features.


The Hatchling features activate when the Clusterbuster bonus hatches the massive dragon egg. A dragon eye will appear above the reels, indicating which Hatchling feature, out of three, is active. The feature progresses from blue to green to purple:

  • Blue Hatchling — All low-paying symbols will be removed from the reels, allowing only high-paying symbols to drop onto the grid.
  • Green Hatchling — Up to 20 Wilds are added to the screen in random positions.
  • Purple Hatchling — Lightning Multipliers are randomly added to a maximum of 13 symbols. Multipliers may range from 2x to 100x. Multipliers are added when two or more of them form part of a winning cluster.


The Free Spins bonus round will activate when players trigger the Clusterbuster feature for the fourth time — after all three Hatchling features have been activated. So, when the broken tiles are removed from the grid, 10 free spins will be awarded. During this time, the 3×3 block will be removed from the grid to make room for more winning clusters. On top of that, there is a greater chance of triggering one of the Hatchling features on random spins. Since the Clusterbuster feature has been removed, it is not possible to retrigger the Free Spins bonus. 


In an age where Wild and Scatter symbols have become the most typical slot features, providers must seek new and creative ways to make gameplay more interesting and unique. And, with features like the Hatchling bonus and Clusterbuster mechanic, it’s safe to say: mission accomplished.

The overall design is pretty standard as far as mythical themes go, but with so many fascinating features flying through your screen, you’ll barely notice the lack of a dark lair. 

Dragon’s Clusterbuster™ is set to premiere on 28 April, so head to EnergyCasino to be the first to glimpse into this sizzling slot.