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10 Biggest Slot Wins Of All Time

2022 Sep 9 3 min read
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If you close your eyes and think of a casino, chances are, you’ll think of the flashing lights, funky sounds and bright colours, which are all related to one thing: playing slot machines.

Slots are synonymous with casinos, and while they may have their little quirks and always require the luck of the draw to land a win, some big winners managed to spin straight to the jackpot.

Below, we count down the 10 biggest slot wins in slot machine history, be it brick-and-mortar slots or online slots!

10. Mega Moolah – £13 million– Betway

Kicking us off is the classic Mega Moolah. With four progressive jackpots, this slot machine turns lucky spins into lump sums of money at a rate other slots could only dream of. It only took one British soldier betting a mere £0.25 to hit the £13 million jackpot in December 2015!

9. Megabucks – $14.3 million – Rampart Casino, Las Vegas

Number nine takes us back to the land-based casino capital of the world – Las Vegas! While it is the birthplace of the modern slot machine, the iconic Megabucks slot stands out with its progressive jackpot potential.

Back in December 2013, a local was showing a friend around the floor, when he slipped $20 into Megabucks and earned $14.3 million in winnings!

8. Arabian Knights – €17 million – Betsson

Arabian Nights sits comfortably at number eight as another game with another progressive jackpot prize. It pays homage to the folk of the Arabian Nights tales, only the Alibaba in this story was actually Norwegian, and, in 2011, traded €0.75 for a mystifying €17 million in wins!

7. Mega Fortune – €17.8 million – PAF Online Casino

Inching past into number seven, Mega Fortune makes its grand debut. A staple of NetEnt’s jackpot network, its reputation for a record-breaking big win precedes it, and few still wonder as to why: a Finnish player featured in the Guinness Book of World Records after earning a €17.8 million prize!

6. Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah – €19.4 million – Napolean Sports & Casino

This slot machine is such a popular game that it’s only natural that there are various versions of it. Number six is an Alice in Wonderland-take on the original, and this version features special reels and multipliers that work to trigger a partial respin.

In April 2021, a lucky player from Belgium fell down the hole and wound up winning a massive prize of €19.4 million – even the Chesire cat probably wasn’t grinning that wide!

5. Might of Ra – $22.5 million – Stake Online Casino

Number five may not be a new name to some – Might of Ra found fame after a Twitch streamer raised eyebrows streaming himself winning an incredible $22.5 million in March 2022.

Themed after ancient Egypt and built as robust as a pyramid, this win stands out as being the largest slot machine win that is not a jackpot prize. Still, it’s pretty big money!

4. Megabucks – $22.6 million – Bally’s, Las Vegas

Once again inching past the previous entry, Megabucks makes a return, always reaffirming the sway of its reels. Just ask the May 2002 winner of the Megabucks jackpot, who spent about $170 at the famous Bally’s establishment in Las Vegas, and bagged a giant win of $22.6 million – and all before breakfast!

3. Megabucks – $27.5 million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… unless it breaks records, which the Megabucks slot machine does, a lot! With fierce competition from other slot games, Megabucks is undeterred, which is astonishing considering this game only exists in land-based casinos.

Unlike the previous entry though, November of ‘98 saw a player put in $100 first, followed by $200, and didn’t stop playing until $40 into her last hundred won her the huge jackpot prize of $27.5 million.

2. Megabucks – $34.9 million – Desert Inn Casino, Las Vegas

Back for seconds, second place goes to the mainstay Megabucks slot machine! One of Megabucks’ hallmarks is that a player must bet the maximum amount of $3 to get a shot at the progressive jackpot when playing.

A lucky player in January 2000 welcomed the millennium with a $21 budget turning into a massive $34.9 million win!

1. Megabucks – $39.7 million – Exacalibur Casino, Las Vegas

Our number one spot goes once more to the Megabucks slot game, which not only is the biggest slot machine in the list but can also proudly add the largest jackpot win of all time, hands down!

This Las Vegas slot machine made history when a player in March 2003 met Lady Luck with $100 and turned into a big winner, obtaining the largest jackpot win in history with a whopping $39.7 million!


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