One of the most popular online slots ever, effortlessly combining simplicity with playability.

Starburst™ is one of the most successful video slots from NetEnt – one of the world’s leading slot software developers. Ever since it was launched, it has ranked as one of the most popular games at EnergyCasino. Despite being relatively simple in terms of features, Starburst™ is surprisingly playable, and gives you the chance to win up to 50,000 coins, so it’s definitely a game you need to experience.

In terms of layout Starburst™ is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 10 paylines. The game console is one of the best designed of any slot, with extremely clear and attractive buttons. You can easily and quickly set you bet level and coin value, and there are ‘auto play’ and ‘max bet’ options on either side of the spin button. Minimum bet is 10 coins at a value of 0.01 each, making Starburst™ playable even on low budgets, and a maximum bet of 100 coins at a value of 1.00 each, make it perfect for high rollers too.

A burst of bright, positive colours and sounds.

Visually is Starburst™ simply stunning, with its bright, glowing colours being the first thing you will notice about it. As for symbols, you will find a ‘Bar’ and a ‘7’ are the high scorers, stylised to look like planets – complete with rings – and yellow, green, orange, blue and purple cut and polished gemstones make up the mid and low scoring symbols. The background of Starburst™ consists of starlight rising over a planet, and glowing orbs floating through a pink/purple tinted space. A subtle, but very nice touch is the way the reels seem to curve, and fade into space. It is this kind of small detail, seemingly minor, but very well executed, that make Starburst™ so special.

Of course, what you really want to see on the reels is the multi-coloured Starburst symbol – as it functions as a Wild, substituting for all other symbols. It can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, and expand over the entire reel, triggering a re-spin - the maximum number of re-spins you can trigger is three.

Interestingly, unlike most slots, where the highest active bet line is paid from left to right only, in Starburst™ it pays from both ways – giving you more chances to win!

As far as sounds go, Starburst™ features a kind of ambient electronic, ‘spacey’ take on the traditional slot machine audio – simple but effective at adding to the atmosphere. However, the relaxed ‘spaced out’ feel gets shattered with wins that bring with them a positive explosion of lights and sounds.

Fast, uncluttered reels give pure, unpretentious enjoyment.

Starburst™ can be an extremely fast to play; the reels spin very quickly, and there is no delay between pressing buttons and the action happening. This makes Starburst™ the ideal game for a quick spin during a coffee break or whilst waiting for a bus or train.

Starburst™ is extremely unusual, in that it is a slickly produced game in terms of graphics and sound, but is stripped to the bone in terms of features – there is no Scatter, no bonus game, no ten or fifteen round Free spins etc. But, this is all deliberate, and it is the sheer simplicity and beautiful feel of the game that has earned it a well-deserved place in the online video slot hall of fame.