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Baccarat dragon bonus

2023 Apr 27 5 min read
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Baccarat consistently offers better odds than other card games at casinos. But what is the dragon bonus baccarat? How does it work? And how do you play a winning hand? We have revealed more in our in-depth guide.

What Is The Dragon Bonus In Baccarat?

The Dragon bonus is a common side bet, and it continues to hold sway in today’s game.

Essentially, there are two sides to a dragon side bet. Firstly, the dragon bet allows the bettor to wager that either the banker’s hand or the playing side will win.

It is almost akin to a betting exchange where you can wager on winning side to crush the losing side of the bet by a significant number of points. The larger the margin of victory, the larger the payout for the dragon bet winner. Naturally, the point count comes into it.

We have used a chart to explain the significance of card counting statistics in dragon bonus baccarat.

Card counting statistics

Cut Card DepthTrigger True CountEV per betBet FrequencyHands per shoeProfits (units won) per shoeProfits (units won) per hour

How to play baccarat dragon?

At this point, you may be wondering how to play baccarat dragon. As mentioned, there are two sides to the bet – the banker bets and the dragon side bet.

So, if you side with the banker bets, then you will be deemed the natural winner if the banker produces the highest score or point count. Conversely, if you choose the player bet, then you will take the money and win if they clinch the highest score and margin of victory.

To get started, the game is dealt from a shoe at a casino with eight decks. At the start of each shoe, a card will be burned.

Based on the value of the burn card, an additional number of cards will be burned, which will be equal to the value of the card.

The cut card is then placed on 14 cards from the end of the shoe. After the cut card is dealt, which could be the Jack, King, or Queen. Then, one further round is dealt before the shuffling can take place.

So, if the maximum dragon bonus bet was $100, then a player with a dragon bonus baccarat can expect to earn $0.09 per hour.

In terms of how you generate wins, if the hand you bet on finishes closest to 9, then you will be successful. On high limit tables, the casino will usually retain a 5% commission on banker bets.

Winning bets will be paid out at even money in the game, except with the banker’s hand, this will win with a total of 6. There is also a tie or draw option, but a draw is usually less likely than having an outright winner.

Can players place Dragon Bonus bets along with other bets in Baccarat?

With dragon baccarat, the undoubted baccarat star will be the one that can extend the pay table and make every point count.

A winning hand is paid out as such for every point accrued, and the scoring system is as such:

Point System

  • Nine points is the highest score and bets that land are paid out at 30/1.
  • Eight points are paid out at odds of 10/1.
  • Seven points are paid out at odds of 6/1.
  • Six points are paid out at odds of 4/1.
  • Five points are paid out at odds of 2/1.
  • Four points will provide a payout of even money.

Among the other side bets found in baccarat, includes Panda 8. This is a very specific side wager, and it will only win or provide a profit for players if they have a three-card hand totalling 8.

There are several ways to produce wins with a Panda 8 side bet, and the naturals for this side bey will be well attuned.

Casinos will make up for the low chances of winning by providing a payout of 25/1. The money is therefore lucrative if you win a game at the casino.

Baccarat side bets are starting to gather momentum in casinos in Australia and Asia, where players have become much bolder with their approaches when they play dragon baccarat,

Baccarat dragon bonus payout

As mentioned, the baccarat star in this version of the game will be the one that can make every point count and claim the highest score.

Earlier, we explained how the points system works out for each successful hand, and we have provided a useful chart to explain further.

Baccarat pay table

Win by 9 points30/130/1
Win by 8 points10/110/1
Win by 7 points6/16/1
Win by 6 points4/14/1
Win by 5 points2/12/1
Win by 4 pointsEVENSEVENS
Natural winnerEVENSEVENS
Natural TiePushPush

The point count makes a significant difference here. Typically, the biggest payouts will come from the gap in the number of hands between players.

A good example of this will be those players who gain 9 points where the usual payout is odds of 30/1 while those who gain four points will have odds of EVENS attached which will distinguish between the more prominent hands.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus Strategy

With every player bet, there is an onus to produce a winning hand and make every point count.

So, here are a few things that you should take into consideration strategy-wise before you visit the casino.

Consider the odds

If you want to win even money or create more wins from bets placed, then you should take into consideration the odds. Dragon baccarat is usually a game of chance in terms of the hands that can be produced.

However, if you know what the odds are, then you will be better informed about the house edge.

Pay attention to the other Dragon players

It’s always good to assess what is going on at the table, so you can spot value before you place any bets in the game.

You should keep an eye out for non natural hands as well as f0r any player who is likely to bet more on the DB wager to accrue more money from the game.

Increase the cut card depth

Sometimes, when you play, it is better to increase the cut card depth to say 26b to give you a greater range with your bets at the casino, as this in turn, could make winning slightly easier.

Move to an alternate pay table

You may find it worthwhile to move to a pay table at the casino that lends itself to the player’s hand as this could help to bolster the house edge.

A natural is where you will win based on the cards you are dealt by the dealer at the table without having to draw additional cards.

So, a 9 and a King, for example, would be a natural hand and make you a winner.

Minimum and maximum bets for Dragon Bonus in Baccarat

Ultimately, this will depend on which casino you play at across the world, whether it be in Asia or UK, there will usually be a minimum and maximum bet amount applied for DB.

The minimum bet amount could be as low as $5, however, the maximum bet amount could be $1,000 which will suit those who like to play with higher stakes. Should they win, they will also get a juicy payout for any bets they have placed, but if their bet loses, the ramifications could be severe.

How does the Dragon Bonus affect the house edge in Baccarat?

Like all other bets placed for any card game, the Dragon bet will have a significant impact on the level of wins a player will experience.

The odds on the banker will usually be much higher will be more than nine times the standard wager, while the amount placed on the player will be double the original wager.

We have provided a simple table for the dragon bonus bet, and the figures are based on an eight-deck game.

House edge for Dragon side bets

Baccarat handStandard house edgeDragon house edge

As we can see from the table above, the house edge for a winning hand produced by the banker is higher than the player’s hand. You may therefore need to have a larger bankroll to deal with things if the cards don’t go your way as the hands can be quite volatile.

Baccarat dragon bonus mistakes

Now, we have a clearer idea of the chances of winning when you play DB, it is time to explore some of the most common mistakes and how many of these pitfalls can be avoided.

Making too many side wagers

While you want to do everything you can to produce a winning hand and increase the point count when you place a wager, the results we published in our handy table overlooked the fact that many a side bet will feature a much higher house edge than the player or banker bet.

Although side bets can liven things up when you play, there will be times when you could be dealt a bad hand, and you end up losing a lot of money. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into a side wager when you play, otherwise, you could be poorer for it.

Failing to record results

If you want to win more when you play DB, then you will need to be more organised. And this entails part of the wider strategy when you wager. Those that are more conscientious will have a written or digital record of all the cards they were handed in a game. They will be able to assess win and loss records, and work out what they did well when they played, and what didn’t.

From that, they will be able to see where they got more value or more margin from the cards they were dealt by the dealer, and adjust things accordingly so they become more consistent in the long term. If you fail to prepare, then you will be preparing to fail. Having a record of points scored will make sure that you can create a winning formula in any game you play in the future.

Making bets that lack substance

A winning hand can be born out of a hunch, and of course, a natural winner is the most pleasing aspect of DB as opposed to non natural hands in a game. There needs to be a sense of logic before a player is pushed into a hand in a game they may come to regret.

So, for example, you may decide to bet $20 on the hand laid down by the banker as they have had a lot of bad luck, and seemingly, they are due for a win. However, in any given game, the cards might not fall nicely and it is a fallacy to suggest certain players deserve luck or a rub of the green. Any player you wish to wager on should be based on something more substantial before they are counted as part of your bet.

Not understanding the house edge

We have discussed a lot about house edge in DB. It will of course affect your chances of winning, as well as the overall point count. A banker hand will have a much higher edge than a player’s hand, but if you fail to understand what is expected of you or what the risks are, then you could find yourself in a downward spiral.

Is it worth playing Dragon Bonus in Baccarat?

Dragon bonus is very much about luck as it is about skill, nevertheless, the points system adds a different dimension to it and it can be very fun to play. We have tried to show you the importance of the banker’s hand and the player’s hand, and that you are very much at the mercy of the dealer.

Those who will be able to extract the most value from the cards will be a natural winner more regularly than those who have played more loosely. Side bets can provide some value, but they shouldn’t be over played.

If you can appreciate the odds and house edge, you can become a more effective player. DB is now available to play at more casinos. So, what are you waiting for? Have a gander and try it out for yourself.