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Perfect Pairs Blackjack Side Bets Explained

2023 Jan 17 7 min read
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Blackjack is a much-loved game, and a core member in the family of casino tables. It’s not all perfect, however; it doesn’t excite those players looking to win large payouts right away. Enter Perfect Pairs!


Side bets help to embellish a blackjack game for players, and Perfect Pairs is one of many little bonus wagers that may accompany the main bet in any given game of blackjack at land-based or online casinos.

A blackjack Perfect Pairs bet is an optional side bet that, at its core, involves betting on receiving a pair with the player’s initial two cards, as dealt by the dealer. But, what constitutes a pair?

A pair is essentially two identical cards, with the same numerical value of between two and 10, and the same face value for jacks, queens, kings and aces. A different suit can affect the payout when betting on Perfect Pairs, as can the colour; the odds are greater when considering whether the cards have the same suit or different suits, and it pays to know the details of any side bets before betting against the odds.


One can make three types of pairs as part of the Perfect Pairs side bet, and each comes with its individual odds or mathematical probability — and different payouts too.

The three forms making up a Perfect Pair bet are as follows:

  • Mixed pair — A mixed pair involves the same numerical value or face-card value, but with a different suit and colour for the cards. An example of this would be two kings — a king of hearts and a king of spades.
  • Coloured pair — This involves the first two cards being of the same rank, in the same colour, but with different suits. An example of such a pair would be two jacks, in the suit of hearts and diamonds.
  • Perfect pair — A Perfect Pair once again comprises cards of the same rank, but this time, the cards are the same colour and the same suit. An example of this is two queens, both of hearts.


To get in on the potential payout that this side bet offers, players must make the choice on whether to opt for placing a Perfect Pair side bet before the dealer hands out the cards for each player.

In the event that a Perfect Pairs bet is lost, the main game will continue.


So, we’ve covered what Perfect Pairs is, how to identify mixed pairs, coloured pairs, and perfect pairs making up this bet and when you need to place this side wager to claim the payout. Let’s see how a Perfect Pairs side bet is played in blackjack games.

As you might imagine, the rules for playing Perfect Pairs are the same as any other hand in blackjack. The same blanket rules apply: a player receives two cards from the dealer, chooses to hit or stand, the dealer’s cards may be dealt facing up or down and so on. All you need to do is place the side bet at the beginning of the game; the difference to any games is therefore marginal.

The steps to play Perfect Pairs blackjack go something like this:

  1. Place the main bet as you usually would.
  2. Place a bet on the Perfect Pairs option, located next to your betting box when sitting at the table.
  3. Take your two starting cards, as dealt by the dealer.
  4. Check your hand; if your cards have been dealt as a mixed pair, coloured pair, and perfect pair, the bet is settled. If not, the bet is lost. The payout is dependent on the combination.
  5. Regardless of whether you win Perfect Pairs, the main game carries on until either the player hits 21, or the dealer does.


Now that you know the mechanic of this side bet, let’s take a look at the odds for blackjack Perfect Pairs. The odds paid out are broadly defined unilaterally across various casino operators. However, bear in mind that there may be slight variations, so double checking before making a decision to play Perfect Pairs blackjack pays.

Type of Pair Odds
Mixed 3.86%
Coloured 1.93%
Perfect 1.69%

Let’s take a game featuring eight decks of cards to illustrate. Out of 415 cards within the dealer’s shoe, seven combinations make a Perfect Pair, meaning there is a one-in-59 chance the card that wins the side bet comes up.

A pair may come up once, in an estimated average of every 60 hands. Naturally, games of chance dictate that nothing can be ascertained, so it may come up less than that, or more times. However, due to the number of cards in decks, and the amount of decks used, the frequency of a pair should approximate that average.

Comparing this payout of 30:1, the perks of opting to play Perfect Pairs blackjack are pretty evident.

Unlike the side bets that appeal to betting veterans used to strategic odds when playing blackjack, Perfect Pairs brings a potent dose of fun to the side bets that burnish your favourite blackjack table at your favourite online casino!


Okay, you know how the bet is played, but maybe now you’re starting to wonder about the payout for this side bet? Here’s a paytable bringing all the payout figures found in both online casinos and land-based casinos, to really get a sense of the math behind the big payouts you could potentially win:

Type of Pair Payout
Mixed 5:1
Coloured 10:1
Perfect 30:1

As always, blackjack is a game of chance, and there is no way to change that! Likewise, there is no side bet strategy guaranteeing an increase in the odds of snagging a win.


When it comes to house edge, there is no side bet strategy that can reduce it. Rather, a Perfect Pairs blackjack strategy is more akin to insulating yourself and your bankroll from the potential damage when going after one of those big payouts.

To do so, it’s recommended to budget, and set aside a separate set of betting units at an equal value to the payout received from this side bet.

You must always keep in mind that a Perfect Pair falls at any point between one and 60 hands. If this happens to occur within the first 25 hands of a game, it’s possible that the bet pays a profit in this case. If the bet is unsuccessful, the amount lost is equivalent to your side bet bankroll.

It’s also crucial to not let the side bet throw you off your game. Perfect Pairs bets have no bearing on betting in a blackjack main game.

The house edge will sit somewhere around 1%, although this may depend on other rules found in variations of the standard game.


All in all, the final call is made by no one else but you, the player. Perfect Pairs is a quirky touch to blackjack games, with a house edge that is relatively high.

That being said, the house edge for Perfect Pairs bets is not significantly higher than the house edge you may find on other high-payout bets in a casino. So much so, you may find yourself facing a slightly lesser house edge than you would on a game such as roulette. This rests on the payouts for the various blackjack hands played.

Managing your money, budgeting and setting limits are always smart things to do in a casino. In the case of Perfect Pairs, setting aside a designated bankroll, specially budgeted for the side bets, is a good way to stop this bet from swallowing up your bankroll.

When you designate a calculated amount to cater for betting on this side wager, a buffer is being placed between you and the bet, to slow down the rate of a potential losing streak. The luck inherent in such a wager means those two cards need to come sooner rather than later!

As luck would have it, negative expectation betting likely amounts to more money lost than won. While money management techniques are not an example of strategy, they can be construed as betting strategies.

They don’t impact the probability of the game, they help keep the game fun by adding a layer of caution to any bets you’d like to make when playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack.


A Perfect Pairs bet refers to an optional side bet available when playing on certain blackjack tables. The wager is centered around the first two cards forming a pair, that is, the first card being identical in value to the second card. The bet pays out in three different ways, depending on three pairs each with individual rank.

A mixed pair consists of two cards equal in value but with different suits and different colours. A coloured pair consists of two cards with an equal numerical value and the same colour, but with a different suit. A perfect pair consists of your first two cards having the same card value, the same colour, and the same suit. Mixed pairs pay out at 5:1, coloured pairs pay out 10:1, and perfect pairs pay out a grand 30:1.


No, the Perfect Pairs side bet is one of many side bets offered in blackjack. Perfect Pairs does not affect the procedure or the odds of a standard game.


The availability of a Perfect Pairs side bet can be found in the game description. Such side bets are not available on every table, but the majority of casinos both on land and online accommodate side bets on specific tables, especially ones as popular and highly sought out as Perfect Pairs.


The side wager has markedly higher odds than the payouts the pair types pay. It is indeed an interesting option for some players in casinos, but there is no guarantee a large payout is as good as won. Nonetheless, in comparison with other blackjack side bets found in a casino, the house edge on Perfect Pairs bets is a bit more forgiving to your potential for a win, than the high house edge in other games.

In conjunction with the low house edge found in this world-famous card game, it can be a fun addition to any blackjack table. Although, the house edge in any number of blackjack games depends on the variations in rules pertaining to the table. Keep in mind that the best solution to ensure maximum potential to enjoy the game, is to shield your bankroll with a designated side bet bankroll, specifically put aside for this wager.

With money management and good budgeting, you can safely risk betting on a pair being dealt to your hand, without sacrificing a larger slice of your bankroll than you bargained for.