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Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy

2023 Feb 17 6 min read
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Whether you are a casual or seasoned roulette player, you will need to have a betting system that works for you. One type that is commonly used is the Oscar’s Grind betting system.

But what is it, and how does it work? This in-depth casino gambler’s guide will put you in the know and help cut losing streaks.


At this point, you might ask what is the Oscar’s Grind system and what it has got to do with roulette. Well, in short, it is among other positive progression systems and is often called Hoyle’s press. In terms of its origins, author Allan Wilson is the brainchild behind this simple betting system, as he used it in his classic book Casino Gambler’s Guide. The premise of the book was designed to show how computers could crack popular casino games, such as roulette.

More interestingly, the idea surfaced as Wilson was a keen mathematician, and he liked to investigate probabilities in roulette and see if there was a sequence that would help him reduce losses. Therein lies how Oscar entered the roulette scene, as Oscar was suggested by an anonymous gambler. In essence, the Oscar’s Grind roulette system is similar to the Martingale. Like the Martingale, bets made using this type of system can only be done outside of areas that pay at 1:1 or EVENS.

However, the main downside with the Martingale is that it is a roulette strategy laden with risk, as it is a negative progression system.

With the Oscar’s Grind strategy, the key underlying point is that you won’t get rich from one unit while playing a game of roulette, but if you manage to chalk up a few wins along the way, then you can make some modest profits. It ultimately depends on your bet size, but if you do win, then you can make a modest profit depending on the type of wager you make.

As you will see in the next section, the system comes with affordability checks when you wager. The idea is that you can double your stake with spins, such as on an even or uneven number and red/black colour, but it is a strategy that needs to be thought through carefully before joining the table so that you can thread together a winning sequence.


Although there is some risk attached to some systems in a roulette game, it is time to take a look at how the Oscar’s Grind system works in reality.

The strategy is very simple for playing roulette as it equates to a sequence that needs to be achieved in order to reach a profit that mirrors that of the original bet.

The stake should always increase by one unit for wins, while a loss means the stake should remain the same.

Your stake should therefore stay the same until your profit increases and you begin to pick up more winnings. If you hit a run of losing spins, and then you gain a win and you have a loss, then you will increase your bet to three units and so forth. Always keep in mind the size of your stakes as well as the odds with each and every spin that you make while at the table.


To show how this system works for roulette players, we have provided a handy table as a simple example detailing unit sizes and what happens with bet increases. This information will equip you with some useful information, and you will be more informed to make the most of the Oscar’s Grind roulette strategy.

BetBet ValueCycleResultProfit

As you can see from this table, the Oscar’s Grind strategy will indicate that for all versions of roulette, including American roulette, the casino will have a slight house edge. Still, if you bet strategically and with the same amount, you will notice in the long period, you might be able to pick up a few wins here or there.


While winning may seem like a bit of a grind, by using the Oscar’s Grind for betting, you can reap the benefits in the long term. Outside roulette bets carry a roughly even chance of success — red, black, high (19-36), low (1-18), odd, and even. French roulette has the highest RTP (Return to Player), but you should never use this on individual numbers and columns.

To simplify the notion of unit profit and the Oscar’s Grind roulette system in action, let’s use an example.

As we suggested earlier, each sequence will start with placing a bet where the stake in this instance will be €1. Lady Luck is on your side this time, as you have achieved a win after landing on red. So, with this plus coup progression system, the golden rule is that when you win one unit, then the session is over.

From a simple mathematics perspective, the overriding point of the Oscar’s Grind is to increase your bets when you win, and if you are losing, you should retreat and weigh what to do before your next spin. In some cases, you may decide to bet just one unit as there is less risk involved.

You should also have a read through the Terms and Conditions advertised on the online casino site in question you wish to play at. Once you do, you will be able to establish whether only bonus funds count towards winning bets or whether it is solely cash funds that will contribute to a win.

To be successful, the Oscar’s Grind roulette system will see some players experience winning streaks where they are in a four or five-spin group. It is possible to gain a profit over 100 spins, but by that point, the unit profit may not be as big as when you win with one unit at the beginning.

It is a risk-reward system, so you have to take the wins with the losses at the table. You need to have a concrete strategy in place, and you should always aim to stick to it wherever possible to the grind of casino games, such as roulette.


Oscar’s Grind may commonly be applied to a popular system, but it has been adapted and recalibrated over the years.

Indeed, you can use this system for betting on blackjack and craps. While they have their own systems in place, the stakes will invariably be high. In the case of blackjack, it is a very similar system, and it is designed to protect you against many losses in the long term, and the sequence won’t be disturbed when this does happen.

But when a player loses their stake, they should do everything they can to ensure this doesn’t continue to happen, or it may be a very long time before they can begin to pick up winnings with wagers of a certain bet size in the future. As such, a player should set themselves win and loss limits for this roulette system, so if they do embark on a losing streak, they won’t feel the pain if they mess up with the following bet.


Of course, the size of your bet will affect your chances of landing a win with this system. This is particularly true of non even bets, but the Oscar’s Grind strategy has a few positives that are worth considering:


With the Oscar’s Grind strategy, players can absorb losses well while betting, and they can turn this around quickly and make a profit with winnings when things happen under the right circumstances with their bet size.


If your bet size equates to one unit, and you lose, then there won’t be a knock-on effect if a bet remains the same. Essentially, the stake remains the same until the bet returns a win. Sometimes, the profit can be minimal with a small win, and our above example showed that the overall profit you might make from your winnings may be quite modest.


The Oscar’s Grind strategy isn’t discriminatory, so you won’t just find it available for roulette. Indeed, you can also apply this to other games, such as craps and blackjack, and whether you have won or lost, you can tilt things in your favour to boost your chances of increasing your profit levels in the future. Oscar’s Grind can also be used for baccarat bets, and like roulette, you will need to end up in profit to keep the cycle going.


However, when you place bets using this system, there can be a few drawbacks associated.

Let’s take a look at why some might be cautious about using this particular method to help influence their wagers before making spins at the table.


When it comes to placing wagers, nothing is watertight or foolproof. There is no certainty that all bets made will be winning ones and that you will produce an incredible sequence of results with the spins you make.

You have to take the rough with the smooth with any given stake and celebrate when you win, but also not to get too downbeat if you lose with your spins. Stringing together a winning sequence, let alone making a consistent profit, can be extremely difficult, so this needs to be factored into your thinking when it comes to working out your bet size.


While we suggested that the system can handle things when you lose from a stake, the opposite may also be true. Although the bet for some spins remains the same for some players, the system doesn’t like it when players don’t win.

The system can’t capitalise on a single win from one unit as the system deems this to be rather choppy. Instead, it would rather see a consistent sequence, and then adjust as required.


The Oscar’s Grind system is a positive progression model that can withstand losses and bad sequences at the table. Its main flaw is that it doesn’t like short streaks, and alternating wins and losses are a nightmare.

That said, while you may not experience winning rounds as often as you may like, the strategy can be used to great effect, which in turn can help you make a profit in the long term. Like with anything, the Oscar’s Grind requires patience, and you will reap the benefits in the long term. We hope that you can adhere to the tips we have outlined in this guide to prevent your future sessions from becoming a grind.