Chaos Crew Slot Review

Chaos Crew Slot Review

The Chaos Crew slot is not for the faint of heart, but it’s certainly worth skipping a beat for! This epic online slot is brought to you by Hacksaw Gaming, the talent behind truly one-of-a-kind games like Om Nom, Cubes and Stick ‘Em. Join Cranky and Sketchy in Chaos Crew to experience some of the more unique gameplay on the market, packed with free spins, multipliers and an RTP of 96.30%. Let’s sink our fangs into this awesome game!

About Chaos Crew

If you ever went through a rebellious stage, chances are you’ll enjoy Chaos Crew. This game is a 5x5 grid slot with 15 paylines and nine regular symbols. The gritty reels are set on a backdrop of graffiti-adorned walls of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse — the perfect locale for Cranky and Sketchy to carry out their shenanigans.

Chaos Crew, much like other Hacksaw hits, is pretty far removed from a typical slot. The graphics and soundtrack alone will let you know that this game is extraordinary from the very first spin! The gungy look and artistic symbols perfectly complement the responsive track, which changes as you progress through the game. And not in the fruit-machine kind of way, we assure you that this is a jingle you won’t want to mute!

Despite its relatively high volatility, the Chaos Crew online casino slot saves the best for last — the Free Spins bonus with massive multipliers. That’s no ordinary Free Spins bonus either; you’re in for a unique take on the fan-favourite feature — read on!


At its core, Chaos Crew gameplay in the base game is similar to regular slots — match symbols along one of the game’s paylines to grab a win. But this game kicks it up a notch as the track picks up the beat and the bonus feature comes into play. To find the detailed breakdown of the game’s rules, click the ‘INFO’ button in the main menu, or keep on reading to see what this raspy game is all about.


The minimum wager in Chaos Crew is €0.20 (or currency equivalent), which can be adjusted on the user interface. Wins are attributed from left to right, beginning with the leftmost reel.


There are nine regular symbols in the game, in addition to the Free Spins symbol, Cranky, Scratchy and their Epic versions (more on that later). Kudos to the artist, as each symbol is a perfect fit for the theme and the accompanying beat. Cranky Cat is the game’s Wild multiplier, which will substitute for other symbols in a winning line (except Free Spins) and will multiply the winnings by 2x, 3x or 5x. Multiply Cranky symbols on a single line will be multiplied by each other. For example, if you land two Cranky Cats on one payline and they reveal multipliers of 3x and 5x, then your total payout for that line will be multiplied by 15 (3x5). Scratchy Skull and the two Epic symbols will only appear in the Free Spins round.

Chaos Crew Features

Chaos Crew is wreaking havoc on the reels, wiping out the competition in its way! This game packs a punch in its Free Spins bonus, which is activated by landing three Free Spins symbols. In this bonus feature, all regular symbols will disappear, and the reels will be reserved for the toothy crew. The rest of the symbols will be turned into non-winning icons: NO!, FALSE, DEAD, NO and NOPE!

Chaos Crew Free Spins

If you’re lucky enough to land three Free Spins symbols, you will win three Free Spins. Even though you only receive three spins, they will reset every time a win is registered. The Free Spins bonus will end only when you hit three consecutive losses in a row. Look out for Cranky and Scratchy! All other symbols will be gone and replaced by non-winning symbols described in the section above.

Buckle up, we’ve got some explaining to do. As opposed to awarding cash prizes for winning paylines, like in the base game, the Free Spins bonus uses multipliers to determine your final payout. Each reel will have a number above it, beginning with 1x. Anytime Cranky appears, he will reveal a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x or 20x. This multiplier will be added to the number directly above the reel on which Cranky landed. When Epic Cranky appears (same symbol but with a barricade-tape backdrop), the multiplier he reveals will be added to ALL five reels.

When Scratchy Skull shows up on the reels, he’ll add +1, +5, +10 or +20 to the number on his reel. Epic Scratchy will do the same for all five reels. Pay no heed to the rest of the symbols, as they don’t impact your winnings — but landing all 25 non-winning symbols will constitute a loss. As long as Cranky or Scratchy land, the Free Spins bonus will continue. Once you hit three losing spins in a row, the multipliers from all five reels will be added together and applied to your wager. This multiplier can reach 10,000x, making Chaos Crew worth the punt.

Chaos Crew Free Play (DEMO)

Chaos Crew is available in a free-to-play demo version, where you can check out the epic gameplay for yourself. Simply log in to your EnergyCasino account, search for ‘Chaos Crew’, and hover over the thumbnail to display the grey ‘DEMO’ button. The Chaos Crew demo is also available on mobile devices. Pressing the thumbnail of the game will bring down a menu where you can access the free demo. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to register and complete the verification process to access the demos. In cases where verification is not necessary, you may be able to play as a visitor.

You can play this game at EnergyCasino or check out other fantastic slots from Hacksaw, including Om Nom, Cash Compass, Mystery Motel and The Respinners.


When it comes to online slots, Chaos Crew is edgy, memorable and overall RAD. Hacksaw Gaming delivers exactly what we expect — the best of slot gameplay — on beautifully designed reels with an upbeat soundtrack. The only downside is the game’s volatility, but if you’re looking for a champion experience, then it’s worth taking the crew for a spin.

Game Rules

Chaos Crew is a recent hit from Hacksaw Gaming, released in late 2020. This online slot is chock-full of gritty graffiti, good music and a Free Spins bonus that’s up to snuff.

  • The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent), which can be adjusted on the user interface. Wins are attributed from left to right, beginning with the leftmost reel.
  • There are nine regular symbols in the game, in addition to the Free Spins symbol, Cranky, Scratchy and their Epic versions. In the base game, Cranky will substitute for other symbols (except Free Spins) and will reveal a mystery multiplier of 2x, 3x or 5x.
  • The Free Spins bonus can be activated by landing three Free Spins symbols. The bonus awards three spins, which will reset on every winning spin. Three consecutive losses end the bonus.
  • In the Free Spins bonus, all regular symbols are removed and replaced with grey, non-winning symbols. Cranky and Scratchy get upgrades in the form of Epic symbols. Both Cranky and Scratchy will increase the multipliers above the reels by up to 20. The final payout is determined by the combined multipliers when the player loses three times in a row.
  • The Chaos Crew RTP is 96.30%. The RTP is accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change in the future.


How to play the Chaos Crew slot?

Setting your wager on the Chaos Crew casino slot is fairly intuitive. Select your preferred wager, and you are ready to spin! The aim of the game is to land as many identical symbols across a payline as possible, as long as they are in succession from the leftmost reel. The game’s bonus, however, may catch you off-guard. Take a look at the ‘Chaos Crew Free Spins’ section above for a detailed overview of what to expect.

What is the RTP of Chaos Crew?

The Chaos Crew slot RTP is 96.30%. The RTP is obtained over thousands of spins and may be subject to change over time. RTP statistics are correct at the time of publishing.

Can I play Chaos Crew on mobile?

If you’re looking to enjoy the Chaos Crew online slot game on the go, the EnergyCasino mobile platform perfectly adapts the desktop version of the game to its mobile counterpart. Simply log in to your EnergyCasino account and enjoy all of the same features and functions as on desktop.

How can I play the Chaos Crew online casino slot for free?

You can play Chaos Crew through a free demo version, accessible by hovering over the game’s thumbnail and pressing the ‘DEMO’ button. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to register an account and verify your age before access to demos can be granted.

Where can I play the Chaos Crew slot for real money?

When you are ready to raise the stakes, you can place a real money wager on this epic slot at EnergyCasino. All you have to do is log in to your EnergyCasino account, search for the Chaos Crew online slot, and get ready to spin! We encourage you to play responsibly.

How to win in the Chaos Crew game?

As with all casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning. Winning symbol combinations pay a multiplier on the amount you wager; thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager and limited by the max bet. For example, if you bet €1 and win 5x your bet, you will receive €5. If you bet €10, you will receive €50. Regardless of the amount you choose to wager, Chaos Crew features several exciting game mechanics, like the Free Spins bonus, that may help you win greater payouts. We strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks, and always play responsibly.

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    • Layout 5x5
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