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Blackjack blog

Are you looking for the best online blackjack tips and tricks, as well as recent blackjack news? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing the EnergyCasino Blog — a place where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game of blackjack, from basic blackjack rules to basic blackjack strategy and so much more.


A lot more goes into learning how to play blackjack than just simply understanding the rules of play. There are hundreds of blackjack variations out there with different rules, side bets, styles of play, etc. At our blog, you’ll learn everything about what makes blackjack one of the most popular casino games at online casinos:

  • We'll give you insight into the different blackjack tables you can play.
  • You'll learn how and when to use the blackjack basic strategy to maximise your winnings. (We do not teach you how to count cards).
  • Learn table etiquette.
  • We'll teach you why the house edge is important when finding a blackjack table with the best odds.
  • We'll give you a glossary on all blackjack terms if you've never played blackjack before.
  • We'll help you analyse different betting systems.
  • We'll give you insight on card counting and why counting cards is considered a big no-no.
  • You'll learn the difference between a single-deck game and a multi-deck blackjack game.
  • We’ll help you make more strategic decisions based on your hand value and the dealer’s hand.

There are so many blackjack games to choose from, and many more to come. We won’t be able to tell you how to beat the game since there is never a guarantee of winning, but with our blog in your pocket, you’ll never have to feel like a rookie ever again!


The basics of blackjack are not hard to pick up. The rules are pretty straightforward, so why would players need our blog in the first place?

Well, the difference between novice players and blackjack brainboxes all boils down to the decisions blackjack players make in the moment. Suppose the value of your hand adds to 17; do you stand or draw another card? Some might say to draw, while others might advise standing. Some might say to begin card counting, but we’re not here to teach you how to be a card counter.

Instead of treating blackjack as a simple guessing game, you can use the strategic information we provide you to improve your chances of winning. The best part is that you can put all our tips and tricks to use when playing our online and live blackjack tables — our Casino offers some of the best in the biz!


There are probably twice as many blackjack blogs as blackjack table games to choose from. But with our blog, not only will you get some insight on how to play this outstanding casino game, but we’ll also give you the full blackjack scoop wrapped together with snappy one-liners to create one super entertaining read. What more could you ask for?


Ready to dive into some blackjack? Get all the latest news on top of the best tips and tricks to improving your blackjack strategy as you learn the ins and outs of this fantastic game.

Blackjack Strategy Charts — Basic And Advanced

It is no secret that casino games are more based on luck than skill, so there is no secret formula or star strategy that can guarantee success. That said, this never deterred players from giving some of their favourite casino games a whack.

2022 Sep 15
15 min read
Best And Worst Blackjack Hands

When we think of classic casino games, the most popular casino games that spring to mind are games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker and craps, which do sit neatly together at most casinos. However, it would be incorrect to assume these all function in the same way. Unlike roulette and craps, where the player leaves much of their turn up to fate, blackjack incorporates strategic gameplay, and players need to focus their efforts if they want a good shot at winning!

2022 Sep 14
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When To Hit Or Stand In Blackjack

Blackjack is said to have originated from French casinos in the late 16th century and is now one of the most popular casino games in the world! This table game is found at most casinos and is known to have some of the simplest game rules at face value.

2022 Sep 13
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Double Down Blackjack: What Does It Mean And When To Use It?

It is no secret that blackjack is one of the most commonly played live casino games! First arising on the French casino game scene in the late 16th century, blackjack's appeal spread like wildfire and is now enjoyed by all sorts of enthusiasts around the world.

2022 Sep 12
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Blackjack Terms

How does a glossary of blackjack terms factor into the equation for success? Whether you're a new player or a veteran who has seen it all, everyone needs a blackjack glossary to refer to whenever an unfamiliar term pops up.

2022 Aug 4
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