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James Bond Strategy

2022 Jun 10 5 min read
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Roulette, like other casino games, is an entertaining game of chance. With that said, more often than not, it may seem that the odds are against you. Although no betting strategy can reduce the house edge, this article will show you an intriguing betting system that may make your roulette experience more enjoyable.

There are many strategies and systems one can adopt and try — from the Fibonacci to the Martingale or Labouchere. Here, we will discuss the renowned James Bond strategy. Let’s pick it apart and break it all down to find out how this strategy works, and the pros and cons that come with it.

What Is The James Bond Strategy?

Although baccarat was the usual pick for Mr Bond, the James Bond strategy is most commonly applied to roulette. This betting system is heavily influenced by other methods, as we will come to see, but is also totally unique at the same time.

The idea behind this strategy is to cover as many outcomes as possible for better long-term outcomes. This method covers nearly 70% of the wheel in one spin, leaving out only 1-12. Unlike most betting systems, the James Bond strategy doesn’t rely solely on Outside bests; instead, it capitalises on a combination of bets to maximise the potential profits.

How Does The James Bond Strategy Work?

To break it down, this type of betting system is a strategy where players must choose their bet amount and split into three portions. The wager uses 20 units that are divided based on a ratio of 14:5:1. In other words, 70% of the units will be allocated to one part of the bet, 25% to a second, and 5% on the third and last. The unit’s value is entirely up to you — wager only as much as you can afford to lose and manage your bankroll well. Let’s use a unit value of €1 as an example, which results in a total wager of €20 per round. These bets would be placed as so:

  • The first 14 units (70%) are placed on the 19-36 (High) Outside bet.
  • The next five (25%) are placed on the 13-18 Sixline.
  • The remaining unit (5%) is wagered Straight Up on zero.




19-36 Bet

The first 14 units, €14 in our case, cover the 19-36 Outside bet. Although this wager eats up 70% of your total bet, Outside bets pay 1:1 and have a nearly 50% of hitting. This means that, overall, this bet is more likely to result in a win than the other two.

Sixline Bet (13-18)

A line bet is the second bet you will place, specifically on the numbers that range between 13 and 18. You will wager five of your six remaining units on this Inside bet, which has a payout of 5:1. Inside bets have a smaller chance of winning, but the payouts are larger.

Bet on 0

Your final unit is wagered on the zero, which has a payout of 35:1. While this bet has a very low chance of hitting (which is why we only bet one unit), the payout can be quite great if you’re lucky enough to land it. When playing on double-zero roulette (the American wheel), it is recommended that players Split on 0 and 00 for a potential payout of 17:1.

With each of these bets, you will cover a total of 25 numbers, excluding a one through 12. This way, you cover the majority of possible outcomes on the roulette wheel, giving you decent odds of winning. With that said, this betting system also has its flaws. Let’s take a look.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

Like every other strategy, the James Bond system is not full-proof and comes with several flaws. One of the main problems with this type of betting system is that there is a high risk incurred if the ball lands on any of the numbered pockets that range between one and 12. Although this strategy works with lower wagers, they take a larger chunk of the bankroll because the player must place 20 units on each round. In contrast to most betting systems, where players wager exclusively on a single Outside bet, James Bond’s method is inherently a high-risk strategy. Additionally, this method is more suited for the European wheel rather than the American, where the house edge is significantly greater.




That being said, the James Bond strategy covers more than half the numbers on the table (25 to be exact), so players have a roughly 67% chance of winning. No betting system can guarantee a win, but the James Bond strategy aims to cover two profitable bets, the Sixline and the zero while hedging them with a relatively safe, 1:1 Outside bet. All in all, with odds such as these, it’s no wonder that the James Bond strategy is quite popular among casino players. While it does have its flaws, many casino players advocate for this strategy, arguing that the pros simply outweigh the cons.


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