Surprising 7

Surprising 7

Surprising 7 - slots plus

In this age of ever-improving visuals and increasingly complicated bonus rounds, it’s fair to say that it’s getting a lot harder to see the forest for the trees when it comes to new online slot machines.

Indeed, with video slot games getting more gimmicky by the day, it would seem that for a lot of software providers, officious innovation is beginning to take precedent over playability and customers are being left unsatisfied by titles that look great but offer little in the way of rewards.

Thankfully, this is not the case at UC8, where slick graphics do not come at the expense of what makes a slot machine addictive in the first place – that is to say, a simple user interface and the prospect of winning some truly substantial prizes along the way.

Surprising 7 is just one game that the company offers which emphasises these two important qualities above all others, and the result is a game that is simple to master yet immensely playable.

No Surprises Here

On the face of it, Surprising 7 is about as basic as it gets for a modern video slot title. The base game features five reels and a fixed 25-payline structure, meaning players can wager anywhere between $2.50 and $250 per spin, with a bonus feature, free spins and scattered wilds all adding to the fun.

Of the slots plus regular payouts, wins range from 2x your stake per line for the lowest combination of three jacks all the way up to a massive 500x your stake for triggering the game’s regular jackpot of five lucky seven symbols. These payouts also benefit from a prize multiplier if two or more wild symbols are used to complete a winning payline, with a 3-7x boost in winnings on offer every spin.

As such, finding a number of wild scatter symbols on the game board has the potential to not only complete multiple paylines, but also increase your winnings for each successfully-matched set of symbols. This in turn results in some huge combo wins and significantly lowers the slot’s variance.

    • Surprising 7 Propiedades del juego
    • Nombre Surprising 7
    • RTP 96.00%
    • Varianza other
    • Ganancia máxima (monedas) 125000
    • Apuesta mínima (apuesta máxima) 250
    • Layout 5x3
    • Líneas de pago 25
    • Dispositivos soportados sobremesa, Juegos mobile
    • Tecnología HTML5
    • Lanzado 18.12.2017
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