Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods
If the Ancient Egyptians were good at anything, it was making gods. Gods came in all shapes and sizes in Ancient Egypt. There was literally a god for everything. A god of socks? Probably. A god of toasted bread? Did they toast bread back then? We’re not sure, but if they did, there was definitely a god for it. In Mercy of the Gods, we travel to Egypt where an adventurous archaeologist has just discovered an ancient pyramid. Join her as she seeks to solve its mysteries and find its treasures! Isis, the Goddess of life and prosperity, awards Gift of Life Re-Spins with the added Gift of Double Wilds. The Scatter, or the eye of Ra, opens the way to Free Spins at the top of the pyramid. You will need Bonus symbols (and a little bit of courage!) to get into the realm of Anubis, where the archaeologist’s brave heart will give you a chance to win the Gift of Wealth Jackpot. Mercy of the Gods is a great addition to our great selection of online slots! Enter into their realm and join the adventure! Check out our list of casino bonus offers… something for everyone!
    • Mercy of the Gods ゲームプロパティ
    • 名前 Mercy of the Gods
    • 還元率(RTP) 96.64%
    • バリアンス other
    • 最大配当(コイン) 0
    • 最少賭け金(最大賭け金)
    • レイアウト other
    • ペイライン
    • 対応機器 デスクトップ, モバイル
    • テクノロジー HTML5
    • リリース
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