Secret Trail Match 3

Secret Trail Match 3

There’s an odd purple light to this jungle, hiding amazing winnings and incredibly fun gameplay – Secret Trail is a Match 3 game with an abundance of priceless gemstones. Players can clear these gemstones by arranging combinations of 3 or more identical ones, which may cause win symbols to appear. Clearing these win symbols off the board is the ultimate goal to win! Three special symbols add exciting effects and features to the game as the player has the possibility to clear entire rows, columns or blocks of symbols in one sweep. The next Match 3 adventure begins here!


  • Cross Special symbols have a golden border and players can create them when they clear a match of 4 identical symbols that is arrayed either horizontally or vertically. When a Cross Special is ombined with 2 or more symbols of the same colour, an explosion is triggered that clears that symbol’s entire column and row.
  • Bomb Special symbols are created by players when they clear a match of 5 identical symbols in the shape of an L or T. Moving the Bomb Special clears up to 12 surrounding symbols.
  • Bell Special symbols are created by players when a match of 5 vertical or horizontal symbols is cleared. Swapping a Bell Special with another symbol causes all symbols of the same colour also turn into Bell Specials. After that, all Bell Specials are cleared from the board.

Game Rules

  • Rows: 7
  • Columns: 8
  • Type of game: Match 3
  • Bonus symbols: Cross Special, Bomb Special, Bell Special
  • Gamble feature: No
  • The RTP is 95.32%
    • Secret Trail Match 3 ゲームプロパティ
    • 名前 Secret Trail Match 3
    • 還元率(RTP) 95.32%
    • バリアンス mid
    • 最大配当(コイン) 0
    • 最少賭け金(最大賭け金) 0
    • レイアウト other
    • ペイライン
    • 対応機器 デスクトップ, モバイル
    • テクノロジー HTML5
    • リリース 23.04.2019
    Secret Trail Match 3 スクリーン