American Poker

American Poker


Poker is one of the most played and cherished table games of all times. With this amazing Greentube American Poker 2 game you can now enjoy all the thrill of a winning hand in the comfort of your house. Shuffle the cards and get ready to show your poker skills against the machine.

AMERICAN POKER 2 Welcome Bonus

Your poker adventure on American Poker 2 can have a head start with a 100% reload bonus up to €200 on your first deposit. Not the first time? You can still get a 50% up to €200 on your second deposit. The game also has a Gamble feature and a Mini Bonus to increase your payouts.

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How to get started with AMERICAN POKER 2 slot online

Your American Poker 2 adventure starts after the cards are shuffled and 5 of them are placed on the table for you. The American Poker 2 uses a standard deck of 52 cards plus 1 Joker card. This special Joker card substitutes any other card you might get. When you place your bet, it is valid for the first hand and depending on the cards you have you can then choose to buy a second draw at the price of your current stake. If you get a bit lucky and get the winning combination ‘Jacks or Better’, it will be paid only if a second draw is bought.

The American Poker 2 game window is quite simple and solely focused on the game itself, without any fancy graphics that might get on the way or interfere with your concentration during a hand. After the cards are dealt you can either win straight away, start a new draw, or choose which cards you want to hold before drawing another set of cards. If you are dealt good cards, the machine will automatically suggest that you hold some of the cards in order to achieve a higher combination but you can always decide what to do with your current cards, it’s your call!

On top of the game windows there is a fixed pay table that changes according to your bet amount and giving you the possibility to take home a win up to 600x your bet should you land a Five-of-a-kind combination, 300x with a Royal Flush, 80x with a Straight Flush, 40x with a Four-of-a-kind, 12x your bet with a Full House, 9x with a simple Flush, 7x with a Straight, 5x with a Three-of-a-kind, 3x with a Two Pair and there’s also the Mini Bonus that can vary. Other American Poker versions also come with a Mini Bonus feature, which is listed on the last line of the pay table. This is a progressive bonus that increases whenever a pair of Jacks is dealt on the draw. You win the Min Bonus by being dealt a pair of Queens on the initial draw, for example.

You can either accept the bonus and start a new hand or you can make another bet and try to improve your hand on the draw. Should you win the hand, the Gamble feature will automatically pop up and prompt you to either pick a Red or Black card or take the win and keep playing. Once you start gambling on American Poker 2 you will see a column on the right side indicating how much you will increase your win, with this feature and a bit of luck you can win up to 2500x your bet, which let’s agree can be a huge payout. American Poker 2 might look simple at first but after a couple of hands you will understand why amateur and professional players alike enjoy playing this Greentube video poker around the globe – it is rewarding and exciting at the same time. Shuffle the cards and good luck with American Poker 2!

Online slot Gameplay

American Poker 2 is simple and let you stay in control all the time. There is also a chance to land even bigger wins with the Mini Bonus and especially with the well-known Gamble Feature, that can be activated anytime you win a hand. If you want a classic card game without frills and with fair odds, American Poker 2 is definitely your game of choice. Rub your fingers, shuffle the cards and have fun!

    • American Poker spillegenskaper
    • Spillnavn American Poker
    • RTP 94%
    • Variasjon
    • Maksinnsats 6000
    • Minsteinnsats (maksinnsats) 100
    • Oppsett other
    • Gevinstlinjer
    • Støttede enheter datamaskin, mobil
    • Teknologi HTML5
    • Lansert
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