Gold Factory

Gold Factory

To begin playing Gold Factory, select the number of paylines you want to play. Place your bet by clicking the arrows in the stake/line display. This will allow you to increase or decrease the stake you are making per line. You can place the chosen stake on all 50 lines, or change the number of active lines that you want to use. To change the number of active lines, click the arrows in the lines display to increase or decrease the number.

Once you have your desired bet in place, click spin. The reels will start spinning and then come to rest. Once they stop, you will see if you have a winning combination. If you have a winning combination lined up on the payline, the win is highlighted on the reels. You are paid out the win amount as displayed in the win box.If you do not have a winning combination, your turn is over and you can respin with a new bet. You can bet up to twenty coins per payline.

Wild Symbol

  • The Gold Factory slots logo symbol is a wild symbol. The wild symbol creates its own winning combination when multiple symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline. The wild symbol can substitute any other symbol, except for the scatter symbol, to create a win.
  • Only one winning combination is paid out per payline. If there is more than one possible winning combination on a payline, you are paid out the value of the highest combination only.

Scatter Symbol Rules

  • The bonus coin symbol is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol completes a winning scatter combination when two or more appear on any of the reels. The scatter symbol cannot be substituted by the wild symbol. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbol’s combination payout by the total number of regular coins that were pet for the current spin.
  • Scatter wins are added to regular wins. If you have a scatter win and a regular win, you are paid out for both wins, because the scatter symbol does not need to appear on an enabled payline to win. Three or more bonus coin symbols scattered on the reels activate the Gold Factory bonus game.

Gold Factory Bonus Game Rules

  • Once you have three or more bonus coin symbols, the Gold Factory slots bonus game will automatically activate. With the bonus game, you can win up to 619,000 coins.
  • In the bonus game, the player will be asked to pick 4 out of 12 containers shown on the screen. The containers allow the player to win prizes of random bonus amounts and activate the free spins or reactor bonus game.
  • If the free spins bonus game or reactor bonus game is won, the game will immediately begin. Once the additional bonus game finishes, you will return to the Gold Factory bonus game to finishing picking your containers, if you had more picks when the additional bonus game started. Winnings are automatically collected at the end of the bonus game and added to regular wins.

Reactor Bonus Game Rules

  • If you find the reactor symbol in the boiler room, the reactor bonus game is activated. You choose objects to reveal random bonus win amounts. You can choose from twelve chambers, which reveal a bonus award or a malfunction symbol.
  • The win amounts displayed in the bonus game are already multiplied by your total bet amount. Only the bonus win amount is displayed. Once you reveal a malfunction symbol, the bonus game will end. A consolation prize of 1x your bet amount is awarded for each bonus amount not revealed.

Free Spins Bonus Game Rules

  • If you find the free spins symbol in the boiler room, the free spins bonus game will be automatically activated. The number of free spins that you win is determined by the two-digit number formed on two screens, once the numbers stop scrolling. All the bets and paylines played in the free spins are equal to the spin that activated the bonus game.
  • The Free Spins bonus game and the Gold Factory slots bonus game cannot be activated during the free spins. Winnings are automatically collected at the end of the bonus game.

Betting and Payout Rules

  • Winnings are only paid out from the highest winning combination on activated paylines, with the exception of scatter combinations. Scatter combinations can trigger a win on any reels, in any position. All wins from scatter combinations and bonus rounds are added to the regular winnings.
  • During regular game play, a winning symbol must be in the first slot reel on the far left to trigger a win, because the winning combinations are calculated from left to right. All payout tables display the number of coins that are won for each combination. The total number of coins paid out depends on the number of coins you play per payline.
  • Regular wins are calculated by taking the number of coins won, multiplied by the number of coins played per payline, but scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of regular coins bet. The number of credits won depends on the total number of coins won multiplied by the coin size you select.

The RTP is 96.54%.

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