Secret Potion

Secret Potion

Secret Potion - win prizes with gold slot


The past year has been a tough one for these little mice. Dozens of experiments have been carried upon them and by the end of it all, they have been left with nowhere to go.


But hold on to your sympathetic words, because the tide is finally turning, and how! All those chemicals, radiations and medicines have yielded their ominous results, and this clan of oppressed mice has been rendered with more power than they know what to do with. Do you have what it takes to lead these super-mice to exact some revenge? Can you give them a sense of purpose and direction?

If you do and if you can, Secret Potion – a fun slot by UC8 – won’t let your efforts go down the drain. Exciting rewards and huge cash prizes in gold slot are in the offing for you, be quick to grab them!


Oh, no, it surely can’t be!


But it can! Fate is a great leveller and nobody knows it better than this once-beaten-up clan of mice. They have been toyed with and treated unfairly, but they are back with a bang, now that they have some superpowers to claim. Sounds like a classic Disney movie plot, doesn’t it?

Well, it might as well be. Secret Potion makes not efforts to hide its cheekiness or be even a little predictable. Everything that happens here is a lesson in expecting the unexpected, and that’s where the slot draws its real strength from.

Like all other entries in the famed catalogue of UC8 such as the Safari Samba slot, Secret Potion is fully HTML5 enabled. Thus, as long as your choice of online casino allows for it, you can play this slot on any device you like. You can even seamlessly resume leftover spins across devices, a feature that is much too needed in this age.

Quick to load and easy to operate, Secret Potion, in our opinion, is certainly a slot that every slot newbie is going to feel quite comfortable spinning!

    • Secret Potion spillegenskaper
    • Spillnavn Secret Potion
    • RTP 96.80%
    • Variasjon other
    • Maksinnsats 125000
    • Minsteinnsats (maksinnsats) 250
    • Oppsett 5x3
    • Gevinstlinjer 25 bothway
    • Støttede enheter datamaskin, mobil
    • Teknologi HTML5
    • Lansert 21.08.2014
    25 bothway
    Minsteinnsats (maksinnsats)
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