Tunzamunni is about as simple as an online slot machine can get. No fancy gimmicks here. But there is nothing simplistic about the Tons Of Money you could win playing the Tunzamunni progressive online slots game.

A Simple Online Slot Machine

The theme of Tunzamunni online slots, besides the Tons Of Money you can win, is Simplicity. This is online slots in its most basic form. It is a 3-reel slot machine with only one payline. The slot machine symbols are variations on the basic bar symbol and the 7 symbol, and a space symbol. The bars come in single, double, or triple bars, and the 7s come in red, white, and blue. The space is simply a space. And that's all there is to it. There is nothing at all complicated to figure out when you play slots online with Tunzamunni.

How to Play Tunzamunni Online Slots

It's really simple to play Tunzamunni online progressive slots. To begin with, you don't even have to pick a coin size. There is only one coin, and it is 0.05 credits (a credit means one dollar, pound, or Euro, depending on which currency you are using in your online casino gambling account).

You do have to select how many coins you want to gamble. The best online slots strategy when you play Tunzamunni is to bet the maximum number of coins, which is five. Betting the max is what makes you eligible to win the progressive jackpot. And remember, the max bet is only five 0.05-credit coins, or 0.25 credits. That is a super bargain when you look at the enormous progressive jackpot you can win. So it is definitely worth your while to play this slots game on a max bet.

Then, the final step. Click the Spin button, and you could be on your way to winning Tunzamunni.

Winning at Tunzamunni Slots Online

There are many ways to win at the Tunzamunni online slot game. Three space symbols wins a prize of double your bet. Any three bar symbols wins, and if they are all of the same kind you win even more. Same with the 7 symbols: any three 7s wins a nice jackpot, and three of the same color an even bigger jackpot. Three white 7s will pay you 1,000 times your bet.

Of course, the most exciting way to win at slots is to win the progressive jackpot. With the Tunzamunni online progressive slot machine, you win the progressive slots jackpot by getting three 7s in a specific order: white, red, blue.

And how much will you win if you hit the white-red-blue 7s combination? Well, the sky is the limit. Every time someone plays Tunzamuuni progressive online slots at any Microgaming slots casino, more money gets added to the pot. You can see the current progressive jackpot amount on your screen, and you can watch as the jackpot progresses into higher and higher realms. It could be 100,000 credits or even more. Eventually, someone — and it could be you — will hit the winning combination and win all that money. Tunzamunni!

The RTP is 90.04%.

    • Tunzamunni spillegenskaper
    • Spillnavn Tunzamunni
    • RTP 90% - 91% (excluding Progressive Contribution)
    • Variasjon mid
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    • Oppsett other
    • Gevinstlinjer
    • Støttede enheter datamaskin, mobil
    • Teknologi HTML5
    • Lansert 15.06.2008
    90% - 91% (excluding Progressive Contribution)
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