Bangkok Dreams

Bangkok Dreams

Game features

Free Spins Bonus

When 3 BONUS symbols appear, the game initiates the FREE SPINS BONUS. The number of initial free spins depends of the selected FEATURE BET value. During the FREE SPINS BONUS, each BONUS ACCUMULATOR symbol increments a counter. For every 3 BONUS ACCUMULATOR symbols that are collected during a FREE SPINS BONUS, 3 additional free spins are awarded.

Multiplier Wild Feature

MULTIPLIER WILD symbols substitute for all symbols except BONUS symbols and LOTUS FLOWER symbols. When a MULTIPLIER WILD symbol occurs in a winning combination, the pay for the winning combination is multiplied by the value on the MULTIPLIER WILD.

Bet Selector

The base game may be played at 4 different feature bet levels:

  • Bet Level 1: MULTIPLIER WILD value is 1x, and each FREE SPINS BONUS begins with 5 initial spins
  • Bet Level 2: MULTIPLIER WILD value is 2x, and each FREE SPINS BONUS begins with 8 initial spins
  • Bet Level 3: MULTIPLIER WILD value is 3x, and each FREE SPINS BONUS begins with 10 initial spins
  • Bet Level 4: MULTIPLIER WILD value is 5x, and each FREE SPINS BONUS begins with 12 initial spins

When a player selects a new Bet Level, the bet for that level is shown immediately as the bet for the game.

Bonus Trigger Selector

If a player selects to play a BONUS TRIGGER BET, a FREE SPINS BONUS is awarded immediately with a MULTIPLIER WILD value and number of initial spins according to the selected bet. The Bonus Trigger Bet Selector shows a variety of options, and for each option the bet amount for the option, the number of initial spins, and the value of the MULTIPLIER WILD are shown. After a selection is confirmed, the FREE SPINS BONUS is played with the selected MULTIPLIER WILD value and number of initial spins, and with the same bet multiplier as is active on the game interface at the time the selection is made.

Bonus Spins

When the player collects enough LOTUS FLOWER symbols the game awards the BONUS SPINS. BONUS SPINS can be played at bronze, silver, gold or platinum level when enough symbols are accumulated:

  • Bronze level: 50 symbols
  • Silver level: 100 symbols
  • Gold level: 150 symbols
  • Platinum level: 220 symbols

At the bronze, silver or gold level thresholds listed, the player can choose to play the BONUS SPINS at the respective level or continue playing to the next level. The BONUS SPINS are automatically initiated when a player reaches the threshold for the platinum level.

The game awards 3 initial BONUS SPINS. At the end of the BONUS SPINS a prize is awarded based on the number of LOTUS FLOWER symbols accumulated during the BONUS SPINS feature, as shown on the prize table during the BONUS SPINS.

EXTRA SPINS symbols each awards +1 SPIN.

The prizes on the prize table are proportional to the average bet.

The RTP is 93.43-97.69%.

    • Bangkok Dreams Spieleigenschaften
    • Spielname Bangkok Dreams
    • RTP 97.69%
    • Varianz low
    • Maximaleinsatz 20
    • Min. Einsatz (Max. Einatz) 500
    • Layout 5x4
    • Gewinnlinien 40
    • Unterstützte Geräte desktop, Mobil
    • Technologie HTML5
    • Veröffentlicht 21.08.2018
    Min. Einsatz (Max. Einatz)
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