Forbidden Throne

Forbidden Throne

A visually stunning slot that's perfect for fantasy lovers! Play Forbidden Throne and immerse yourself in a magical world crafted by Games global.


Forbidden Throne - slot


Winnings paid out on the top 10 online casinos are dependent on the symbols displayed on the payline, once the reels have come to a stop.

All payout tables display the number of coins or credits that are won for each combination.

The formula to calculate the conversion of your coins to credits is: number of coins x coin size played = amount in credits.


Regular Payouts


Line wins are calculated by multiplying the line combination payout by the bet staked per line.

For a combination of regular symbols to produce a winning regular combination, the following criteria must be met:

  • The symbols must be next to each other on a payline.
  • Payline winning combinations pay out from left-to-right, a winning payline combination must start with the leftmost payline position and continue on adjacent positions on the payline.


Scatter Symbol Payouts


There is no payout for any Scatter symbol combination.

    • Forbidden Throne játék tulajdonságok
    • Név Forbidden Throne
    • RTP 96.01%
    • Variancia mid
    • Maximum tét 0
    • Min. tét (Max. tét) 200
    • Layout other
    • Nyerővonalak
    • Támogatott eszközök asztali számítógép, mobile
    • Technológia HTML5
    • Kiadás dátuma 05.05.2017
    játék funkciók
    találati gyakoriság
    Min. tét (Max. tét)
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