Take 5 Golden Nights

Take 5 Golden Nights

Take 5 offers one of the most attractive and famous features in the German market: WIN REPEATER FEATURE pays out a full screen of the same symbol up to five times in a row. Now also available with the great adventure of an additional jackpot game.

Game Design

To play Take 5 Golden Nights player simply sets bets and clicks the spin button to spin the reels. If player manages to hit at least three identical symbols on an active payline starting from the leftmost reel he has won. Only the highest win is paid for each active payline. The payout is explained in the game paytable.A full screen of a single symbol starts the Win Repeater feature. For an additional bet the player gets a chance to win an additional jackpot win with every spin he makes.

Game features

Win Repeater feature

Win Repeater feature allow player to collect the win for a full screen of a symbol up to five times without placing an additional bet. During Win Repeater feature a fortune wheel with five segments is shown. At the beginning 4 of those are colored green and one is red. If a spin of the wheel hits a green segment, then the full screen win is evaluated again and the segment on the wheel turns red. On the other hand, if a spin of the fortune wheel hits a red segment, the feature ends. The feature can only evaluate the win up to four times. The entire win of the Win Repeater feature can also be gambled if this win does not exceed the gamble limit. When the Win Repeater feature ends, a pop-up summary appears on the screen, offering an additional gamble button.

Gamble feature

The gamble feature gives players an option to increase their winnings by gambling the main slot game and free game feature wins. The player can choose between card gamble and risk ladder gamble. None of the gambling features affect game’s RTP.

Card gamble

In the card gamble game players are presented with a closed deck of cards and they have to guess the colour of the top card by pressing the respective button (red or black). Wins from the card gamble game can be gambled again with, all players need to do is choose the next card's colour. Players can end the gamble feature by collecting their winnings and adding them to their balance by pressing the collect button. The gamble feature is over when a player makes an incorrect guess or the preset gamble limit has been reached.The player has also the possibility to collect half of his win by pressing the split win button. The second half can still be gambled with. Payout ratio in card gamble game is 1:1.

Risk ladder gamble

In the risk ladder gamble game players are presented with a ladder of win levels and they have a chance to climb up the ladder or fall down (where not all steps are “double or nothing”) by pressing the gambling button. The initial gambling value on the ladder depends on the initial winning value. Wins from the risk ladder game can be gambled again with, all players need to do is press the gambling button again. Players can end the gamble feature by collecting their winnings and adding them to their balance by pressing the collect button. The gamble feature is over when a player lands on Zero or the preset gamble limit has been reached.

Jackpot side game feature

The jackpot side game feature gives the player a chance to set an additional bet and win a jackpot with every spin he makes. The extra bet for the jackpot side game is taken automatically with pressing the spin button.

Jackpot game

When the player sets an additional bet he gets the chance to start the jackpot game with every spin he makes. The initial jackpot game consists of three treasures that open up and show gold or not. If all three treasures contain gold the jackpot level game starts.

Jackpot level game

The jackpot level game features a Win-O-Meter with different levels labelled on it and a 5x1 reel game with symbols 1 to 9 and question marks that will transform into any number between 7 and 15. Each time a number stops on a reel the appropriate amount is added to the Win-O-Meter and whichever level will be reached at the end will be paid out to the player.The Win-O-Meter can be pre-filled depending on the additional bet the player uses. With bet 0.20 there is no pre-filing, with bet 0.50 there will be 2 points on the Win-O-Meter and with bet 1.00 there will be 5 points on the Win-O-Meter. With bet 2.00 the player also have 5 points on the Win-O-Meter, but also the jackpot game will trigger more often and one additional win level on the Win-O-Meter will be added, the super jewel.

The RTP is 96.11%.

The RTP in the Jackpot side game is 96.10%.

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    • Név Take 5 Golden Nights
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    • Maximum tét 0
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    • Layout other
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    • Támogatott eszközök asztali számítógép, mobile
    • Technológia HTML5
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