Football Mania Slot

Football Mania Slot

The Football Mania slot is brought to you by Wazdan, the makers of numerous hot games like Book of Magic, Valhalla, and Black Horse. As suggested by the name, Football Mania centres around the classic theme of football. This sporty casino slot has an RTP of 96.59% and is full of intricate mechanics and fascinating features that fans of the sport, and slot enthusiasts, will surely love. Let's head to the pitch for some practice before the match!

About the Football Mania Slot

Football Mania is a model for any successful football slot. Set on the grassy football field, this game offers plenty of unique features and game mechanics for football fans all over the world. The Football Mania game features a three by three reel, with 11 symbols, no paylines, and three special mechanics for exceptionally victorious goals. You can look forward to lockable symbols, a bonus football round, and even a lottery draw! In addition to these strategic features, the game’s interface offers plenty of customisation options that make the Football Mania online slot a breeze to play through.

These mechanics are embedded directly into the interface and split your screen into three distinct sections. The first is your reels, don't be intimidated by the abundance of symbols and lack of paylines. Effectively there are nine individual reels, and Football Mania allows you to select which symbols you would like to lock in place for the next spin. The second, on the lower right, is the Football Lottery Bonus. One of the symbols of the game is a green ticket, gather three lottery tickets on the middle row to begin the lottery bonus round. On the upper right-hand corner is your Football Mania slots bonus, a gate with nine green squares reserved for the most valuable symbol of the game: the football. The objective is clear, try to score as many goals as possible!


Getting into the groove of Football Mania is pretty easy once you familiarise with the variety of symbols and bonus rounds. Let's have a look at the inner workings of this casino online slot!


You can play around with your wager by adjusting the coin value, with a minimum value of 10 and a maximum of 100. Additionally, you have the option to select whether you would like to bet in coins or cash, and a button to toggle Max Bet on or off. On the rightmost section of the interface, you have a round button to adjust the speed of the spins. Leave it on the turtle for a normal pace, the rabbit to speed it up a bit, and the cheetah for ultra-fast spins with minimal sound effects. You can also make use of the Autoplay function, or press and hold the spacebar to fly through the reels.


Since there are no paylines in the Football Mania casino slot, the payouts depend almost entirely on the groupings of symbols. The great news is that the combos count as a win regardless of where the symbols fall on the reels! Winning combinations count in groups of four to nine, excluding the Football Lottery tickets, which pop off in a combo of three.


The symbols of Football Mania are true to the theme. You will encounter footballs, whistles, lottery tickets, and many more! Due to the nature of the game, it is recommended to play with the Double Screen Mode enabled in your settings. This way, you can keep your eyes on the payout table at all times.

There are no Wild or Scatter symbols in this game, but you will be especially interested in the Football Lottery tickets and footballs. These two symbols are the key to activating bonus rounds of Football Mania, and may increase your chances of winning!

Lockable Symbols

The ability to lock your symbols in place is Football Mania’s most strategic feature. At the end of a spin, you have the option to lock up to eight symbols in their place for the next spin. You can do so simply by clicking on the symbol. When locked in place, the symbol will have a red and yellow frame around it as well as the word Stop. Alternatively, the game will auto-select the most valuable symbols of the spin and lock them for you. Keep an eye on the game if you choose the latter: the game often overlooks the potential to secure more than one symbol, and can disregard footballs when you need them most!

If your spin lands on a winning combination, you will not lose your winnings for that round if you choose to lock them in place. The payout will simply carry over to the next spin, and even if you don’t land on any additional symbols you will still be able to redeem your original win. Each time you lock symbols or let the game automatically lock them for you, you will not be able to lock these symbols again or any new ones on the following spin. Having the option to lock high-value symbols, lottery tickets, and footballs may be advantageous. Not all spins yield favourable symbol combinations, so think strategically and use this feature as you see fit.

Double your Win

At the end of each winning spin, including the special rounds, you have the option to double your winnings. To win the gamble, you have to correctly guess the colour of a facedown card seven times in a row. Take care, if you can’t successfully guess all seven cards you will lose the entirety of your winnings from the current spin. Should you change your mind about risking your prize, Football Mania offers the option to exit the round and collect your winnings at any time.

Football Lottery Bonus

One of the bonus rounds in Football Mania is the lottery. During the base game, you will occasionally land on green lottery tickets. Although they have a payout of their own, they also have the potential to activate a Football Lottery Bonus round where you have a chance to win fantastic prizes. To get to this bonus round, the three lottery tickets have to fall on the centre row of all three reels.

Football Bonus Round

The Football Bonus round is a progressive collection mechanic in Football Mania that activates the bonus game. This feature may seem a little convoluted, a game of two halves if you will, but it is entirely automated for your convenience. On the right of the reels, you can see a goalpost set up with nine green squares within it. These squares correspond to your reels, and the objective is to fill each square with footballs. When one of your spins lands on a football symbol, the position of the ball will be mimicked on the right. Spin away and fill up the squares like a bingo card!

When all nine squares are filled with footballs, you will be eligible for a special Football Bonus round. Hold on, you aren’t there yet! Even though the round is unlocked, you will have to land on at least three footballs in the regular game to take full advantage of this feature. When you succeed, the three footballs will automatically lock onto the reels. From this point on, you have nine attempts to boost that combo with additional footballs through regular spins. All subsequent spins will remove one football, from the net to the right, until all nine are gone and your Football Bonus round ends.

During this thrilling round, all football symbols that appear on your reels will be locked in place and will remain locked for the duration of all nine spins. If you collected at least four footballs on the reels, the bonus round will conclude and you will be credited with the winnings. The goalpost then resets and you will again be able to start filling the green squares during the base game. Keep in mind that the spins during the Football Bonus round are not free spins, you are still making a wager on all nine.

Football Mania Free Play

Football Mania free play is available by accessing the DEMO version from your computer or mobile device. Simply log in to your EnergyCasino account, search for Football Mania, and press the grey DEMO button. On desktop, this option is available when hovering over the thumbnail of the game. On mobile, it appears in a dropdown menu after pressing on the thumbnail.


Football Mania is a rare gem in the casino slot universe, merging the old-school aesthetic with modern and engaging mechanics. The slot was a hit among football fans and inspired a new and improved successor: Football Mania Deluxe. The triumph of Wazdan’s Mania games is evident: if you like what you see so far, check out similar games like Fruit Mania or Fruit Mania Deluxe as well.

The achievement-based progress of slot games like Football Mania adds a touch of uniqueness and excitement to every spin. This game has got you covered on bonus games, goal scoring, and a thrilling lottery bonus. Give it a whirl and see what the fuss is about! Check out EnergyCasino's casino bonus!

Game Rules

Football Mania is one of Wazdan’s most popular slot games. Released in 2014, this game packs a multitude of exciting features like the Football Lottery, Football Bonus round and unique lockable symbols.

  • Football Mania is a 3x3 slot with no fixed paylines. The more identical symbols land on the reels, the higher the payout. After each spin, the game will automatically lock the symbol(s) of the highest value. Players can use the lockable symbols feature to stick desired symbols in place. The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent).
  • There are 11 symbols, including the golden football lottery ticket and the most valuable footballs. Every time a football drops onto the reels, it will fill in the corresponding cell on the Football Bonus table to the right.
  • To activate the Football Bonus, fill in the entire table and land on an additional three footballs in one spin. This will trigger a round of nine bonus spins, where every football on the reels will lock in place for the duration of the entire round. The bonus spins are not free spins.
  • The Football Lottery is activated by landing on three golden football lottery tickets across the centre row. Scratch one of the tickets to reveal the prize.
  • The RTP of Football Mania is 96.59%.


⭐️How to play the Football Mania slot?

Football Mania video slot is not an entirely intuitive game, but you will get used to the core mechanics in no time! For a detailed breakdown of the game’s mechanics, please see the Football Mania slot gameplay section above or check out the game info tab.

  • Adjust the coin value, speed, and gameplay preferences in the user interface.
  • This game features lockable symbols. On every spin, you can select up to eight symbols to lock in place for the following spin. You will not be able to lock any symbols at the end of this next spin.
  • As you play, every football that lands on your reels will also fill up a Football Bonus goalpost to the right of your reels.
  • If you fill all nine squares with footballs, aim to land on a combination of three or more footballs to activate the Football Bonus game. When active, all footballs on your reels will remain locked for the duration of nine spins.
  • The Football Lottery Bonus is activated if you land on three lottery tickets across the centre row. You will be presented with three tickets to scratch and if you are lucky, you will be rewarded with one of the amazing lotto prizes.

⭐️What is the RTP of Football Mania?

The Football Mania RTP is 96.59%.

⭐️Can I play Football Mania on mobile?

Absolutely! Simply log in to your EnergyCasino account on your device, search for Football Mania, and press on the thumbnail and hit Play. Football Mania DEMO and regular versions are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Take the game by the scruff of the neck and enjoy Football Mania on the go!

⭐️How can I play the Football Mania online casino slot for free?

Football fans and slot enthusiasts can enjoy Football Mania without risking a wager! Log in to your EnergyCasino account and search for Football Mania. Hover over the thumbnail of the game and you will see a grey DEMO button, click and enjoy the free Football Mania DEMO version.

⭐️Where can I play Football Mania slots for real money?

When you are ready to raise the stakes, you can place a real money wager on Football Mania at EnergyCasino. All you have to do is log in to your EnergyCasino account, search for the Football Mania slot, and get ready to spin! We encourage you to play responsibly. Keep an eye out for promotional offers from EnergyCasino, you may well find yourself benefitting from a No Deposit Bonus or Football Mania free spins!

⭐️Can I win real money with Football Mania DEMO play?

No, all winnings and wagers in Football Mania DEMO play are completely virtual. The DEMO version is designed to give you a taste of the game without the financial commitment of a real wager, as you will be provided with a virtual amount to wager at will.

⭐️What are the benefits of Football Mania free play?

Giving any slot a try through the free play DEMOs is a great way to see if you enjoy the game and whether or not it suits your playstyle. There are no financial constraints and you can keep playing for free for as long as you want. Give it a go and try out a variety of betting strategies!

⭐️How to win in the Football Mania game?

There is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning in casino games, however, the Football Mania game is different from most other slots due to its lockable symbols feature. This slot mechanic may help you select valuable symbol combinations for the next spin, and can aid in the activation of the Football Bonus game. Use this feature wisely, it might work to your advantage! Winning symbol combinations pay a multiplier on the amount you wager, thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager. For example, if you bet €1 and win 5x your bet, you will receive €5. If you bet €10, you will receive €50. Regardless of the amount you choose to wager, the game offers several exciting features that may help you collect bigger wins. As with all casino games and betting as a whole, we strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks, and always play responsibly.

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