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New From Relax Gaming: Snake Arena: Dream Drop

2022 Aug 26 5 min read
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Who else would you entrust to prepare a sensational, slot-spinning summer than Relax Gaming? Having said that, a day by the seaside isn’t what’s in store for you on 8 June 2022. Instead, you’ll get to enjoy the Snake Arena slot — a Snakes-and-Ladders-meets-chess type of game that will earn your respect for snakes, if not pique your curiosity. How? Stick around EnergyCasino to find out!

Speaking of EnergyCasino, we’ve got thousands of slot games in our game portfolio, including some stellar jackpots and Megaways™ slots too. If you’re on the lookout for the Free Spins mechanic, our slots have you covered! In fact, Snake Arena includes the Free Spins feature too, so let’s have a look at how you could unlock it.


In the Snake Arena slot, a five-by-five grid will act as the chessboard on which a large, golden snake will chase a knight. This isn’t as gnarly as it sounds; moreover, the action will also feature numerous symbols rolling up and down the reels in order to offset the tension.

When exactly will we get to see the chase? The Free Spins feature! While attempting to unlock it, you’ll get to absorb the mediaeval theme — including the atmospheric tune, the sharp graphics and the fluid animations.


The base game of Snake Arena is pretty straightforward. You’ll have a five-by-five grid with 30 active paylines at your disposal to rack up some winning combinations.

There are eight symbols of varying value — including coins, a tankard, a dagger wedged in meat, a chess piece with an eye and a crown representing either the king or queen. The snake and the knight symbols represent the game’s Wilds, and they’ll substitute for any other symbol.

In Snake Area, the minimum bet is €0.10 while the maximum is €1,000. The game’s Return to Player (RTP) is said to be 96.25% at the time of publishing. Do note that both the RTP and the game’s features might be subject to change upon release.


If a snake symbol lands on reel one and a knight symbol lands thereafter, the Free Spins feature will be unlocked.

Once this happens, a knight symbol will pop up randomly during each free spin, and the snake’s goal will be to make its way over to it and gobble it up, destroying all the symbols in its wake. This will continue until the snake bumps into its own body.

It’s important to remember that both the snake and the knight retain their Wild symbol attributes in this feature, which means that the larger the snake becomes, the more winning combinations can be struck.

Apart from that, the Wild Chase feature can be unlocked during any spin. The snake will appear above a random reel, while the knight will peek from below another random reel. This process will be repeated three times, and if both of the protagonists appear in the same reel, it will become Wild.


Snake Arena is set to be one of the most innovative slots the iGaming world has seen in a while. Although somewhat lacking in the base game, Snake Arena includes a Free Spins feature that is bound to entertain and, with some luck, ooze out a fantastic bonanza too.

⭐ How can I play the Snake Arena online casino slot for free?

After the premiere, you’ll be able to play the Snake Arena slot for free through its demo version. For that, all you have to do is visit EnergyCasino, load up our game portfolio and search for the game. Clicking or tapping on the word ‘DEMO’ will take you to the free version of the game, where you’ll be able to spend a virtual balance to understand the game better before trying it out with real money.

⭐ Where can I play Snake Arena for real money?

Right here, of course! Once Snake Arena hits the world of online casinos on 8 June 2022, you’ll be able to play it right here at EnergyCasino: the home of all the best online casino slots on the market!

While you wait, feel free to check out any of our thousands of slot games that feature all the themes and categories you can think of. This includes Megaways™ slots and jackpot slots, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

⭐ Can I play Snake Arena on mobile?

Giving Snake Arena a spin on iOS and Android devices is entirely possible. All you have to do is load up your browser and visit our Casino after that. Browsing through our game portfolio, placing bets and viewing the game rules is extremely convenient on mobile devices, so make sure to try it out for yourself!