First Person Lightning Roulette

First Person Lightning Roulette

First Person Lightning Roulette is an entertaining Live Casino game from Evolution. This game is the RNG alternative to the fan-favourite Lightning Roulette — classic roulette with an electrifying twist! In this variant of the game, up to five lucky numbers may be struck by lightning to reveal a multiplier of up to 500x. At EnergyCasino, you can play this fantastic game and dozens of other incredible table and card games from Evolution. Let’s have a look and see what this game is all about!


The game rounds take place in a virtual studio, design to mimic live-streamed studios for games like blackjack and baccarat. There is no live dealer in this roulette game; instead, all gameplay is based on RNG (Random Number Generator). The sophisticated 3D rendering, smooth animations and an enjoyable soundtrack deliver an immersive and easy-to-follow gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

This game offers several features for the players’ convenience, including the ‘Go Live’ button, ‘Undo’, ‘Rebet’ and ‘Double & Bet’ action buttons, which can all be found on the user interface to the right of the wheel. Since there is no live dealer and no other players, the pace of the game is rather fast. Replays are not offered to those who want to see how a particular spin turned out, but the good news is that players can always access their betting history and view the outcomes of previous spins on the user interface.

In every other way, First Person Lightning Roulette is exactly like its live counterpart. Interested in trying your luck on this game? Learn more about the gameplay below.


From the comfort of their home, players can enjoy an authentic roulette experience in a virtual setting. As far as gameplay goes, First Person Lightning Roulette is much like any Classic Roulette table. This variant requires players to correctly predict the number the ball will land on when the roulette wheel is spun. Players can place all of the regular bets like straight up, street, odd/even, corner bets, etc. One of the advantages of playing in first person is the player’s control over the betting stage. There is no timer — you can play around with the chips until you are satisfied with your bet. Betting closes only when the player hits the ‘Spin’ button. The minimum bet on this table is €0.10 (or currency equivalent).

Immediately after the betting stage, lightning will strike one to five random numbers and apply a multiplier from 50x to 500x. The UI will display which numbers have been hit, designating them as ‘lucky numbers’ above the betting table and directly on the wheel. The roulette wheel is then spun, and the winners for the round are determined.

Players who have wagered on one of the lucky numbers straight up, before the lightning strike, will enjoy a payout with the corresponding multiplier. All outcomes in RNG First Person Lightning Roulette are completely random.


The most distinguishing bonus feature of live Lightning Roulette is the random win multiplier. After the player’s bet has been placed, up to five random numbers will be struck by lightning. These lucky numbers will now have multipliers attached to them, allowing the player to win between 50x and 500x if they wagered on one of these ‘lightning’ numbers straight up.

Another way to enjoy Lightning Roulette games is by claiming a casino bonus! These rewards may grant some extra cash, or return a portion of your net losses — take a look at EnergyCasino’s ‘Promotions’ page to see which fantastic bonuses you can benefit from.


If you’re looking to play this variant of roulette, you’ll find a handful of betting strategies that may increase your chances of winning. The most common strategy is to cover a wide range of numbers. In theory, a larger ‘playing field’ increases the chances of one of the covered numbers being struck by lightning. While that is true, placing multiple chips also increases your bet — so be wary when following 666-type strategies. On top of that, keep in mind that no casino strategy is fail-proof. Some players may see success within a few rounds, others may not see any results at all. Remember — online casino games are all about luck, and the house always wins.


The rules of the game are as simple as they get:

  • Set your preferred bet, you can do so using the betting table on the user interface. The wagering limits will be specified in the game’s rules.
  • Use the ‘2x’ and ‘Undo’ buttons to double down on your bet or undo the last bets, respectively. The ‘Rebet’ button will repeat bets. Click on ‘Spin’ to begin the game round.
  • Up to five random numbers will be awarded multipliers between 50x and 500x.
  • When the ball comes to a halt, the final numbered pocket is the winning number. Players who have wagered on that number will enjoy a payout. If the number has a multiplier and the player made a straight up bet on that number, then the player will receive the multiplied payout.
  • All other bets (street, corner, even/odd, etc.) will have payout odds that are the same as in regular roulette.
  • Press the ‘Go Live’ button to join the live studio version of this game and experience the best of Live Casino gaming.


Few casino games are easier to play than roulette, and this game is no exception! The gameplay in each game round is straightforward, dynamic and highly entertaining. The payout odds are decent, and the multipliers put spark up every round! Thanks to Evolution’s forward-thinking attitude, players can enjoy the game in this automated version or switch to Live Lightning Roulette at any time by clicking on ‘Go Live’. The greatest perk of playing on a first-person table is the player’s control over the pace of the game. There are no betting windows, no dealer calling for action — every aspect of the game is right at your fingertips!



This first person roulette game features similar gameplay and bets to other roulette variants. The main differences between this game and other roulette tables are that it is entirely automated, has no dealers and offers a unique multiplier feature.


Playing First Person Lightning Roulette is pretty straightforward: set your preferred bet on the user interface and hit the ‘Spin’ button to spin the wheel. Once you have set your bet and prompted the spin, up to five random numbers will be hit by lightning. These numbers will now correspond to a multiplier between 50x and 500x. If the ball lands on one of these lucky numbers, players who placed a bet on those numbers — straight up — will enjoy the significantly greater payout!

The minimum bet is €0.10 (or currency equivalent). The wagering limits will be specified in the game’s rules. Pressing the ‘Go Live’ button will take the player to the game’s live counterpart.


You can play First Person and Live Lightning Roulette at EnergyCasino. To place real-money bets, you will need to register an account and deposit enough funds to place your bet. When ready, head to the Live Casino, load up your game of choice and have fun!


All Lightning Roulette games are incredibly popular amongst players from all over the world. Why? Because of the chance to snag that whopping 500x multiplier! First Person tables are particularly appealing because of the increased control that the player has over the betting times, allowing for a more relaxed gaming experience.


All casino games, including roulette, are games of chance. Even though players can use a variety of betting strategies, there is no guarantee of winning in any casino game. Please play responsibly.


Yes. To play for real money, players will need to have a registered casino account and must have made a deposit or claimed a No Deposit Bonus. Players can enjoy a variety of RNG and live games, like blackjack and poker, at EnergyCasino. Have a look, and have fun!


This first person roulette game is nearly identical to other roulette games. The only differences are the additional chance to win multiplied payouts and the player’s control over the pace of the game. Additionally, there is no live dealer in the game. All gameplay is automatic and the visuals use 3D rendering. For more info, see the game’s rules.

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