Mega Ball

Mega Ball

Experience round-the-clock fun with the dazzling live Mega Ball game show at EnergyCasino Online Casino. Be greeted by a live dealer every time you enter, and make draws in this fast-paced entertaining game show. Whether players bet on one card or 200 cards, they are always kept on their toes!

About Mega Ball

This game blends bingo and lottery mechanics and live dealer gameplay into one buzzing package. The spectacular studio design and game show style definitely make this live game show one to remember. The studio’s creative use of light effects further amps up the tension during the draw of the last ball during the Mega Ball bonus rounds. Watching your cards be completed when balls are drawn is a truly electrifying experience. Put those fancy shoes on, and enjoy the show!


If you’re a player that enjoys big jackpot prizes, then this is the game for you. This live game show offers a fantastic grand prize on the many lines you can complete.

Bonuses in Mega Ball.

Although a Mega Ball multiplier is drawn in all Mega Ball bonus rounds, players also get the chance of drawing a second rare Mega Ball as their last ball! Thus, players can win an even greater payout with two Mega Ball bonus rounds and a greater chance of getting more winning combinations.


This Live Casino game is an absolute favourite of ours from Evolution. From the vibrant designed studio, to the live dealers, to the light effects and the soundtrack, this casino is not one to be missed.

If you don’t want to wager on cards right away, don't worry! Sit back, relax and enjoy watching the rounds without having to play. Interact with other players and the dealer too! If you’re not into the Live Casino, have a crack at Mega Ball First Person which is the RNG version of Evolution’s wildly popular online casino game.

Game Rules

The first thing you need to do when playing Mega Ball online is to buy a 5x5 matrix bingo card. Players can either play with one card to start off with or increase the stakes with 10, 15, 25 and even up to a maximum of 200 cards per round. Each card contains 24 numbers. The aim is to complete as many lines as possible.

The minimum amount a player can wager is €0.10 (or currency equivalent). Players can set their wager as they wish. The greater the value of your wager, the greater your final prize. Once players have chosen their card, 20 numbered balls are drawn at random out of 51 balls. Out of a total of 12, players can complete nine winning lines per card by filling out horizontal, vertical or diagonal win patterns. Although winning a total of nine lines is quite rare, this does not stop players from playing this exciting game.

For your convenience, when a drawn number matches the number on your card, this will be marked automatically so you can easily keep track of how you’re progressing. The game also highlights winning lines, which specific numbered ball you’d need when close to a winning line, and what prize awaits you.

Players also have the option of refreshing their cards once they buy them, as they wish, before the round begins, as well as repeat their previous bet after a round ends.

The aim of the game is to complete winning lines on your game card and the more you complete the larger your win. A random multiplier is generated with every bonus round and this can range between 5x and 100x. If you’re lucky, two Mega Ball multipliers can be generated in two Mega Ball bonus rounds! If there is more than one multiplier among your winning paylines on the same card, your payout will be multiplied by the highest multiplier.

When in doubt, head to the game instructions by clicking the ‘?’ button for all the ins and outs!


⭐What is Mega Ball?

The Mega Ball casino game is a bustling lottery-style game show where players have a chance to win great pay-offs with Mega Ball multipliers. Up to 20 numbered balls are drawn randomly with each round, out of the 51 balls available, and the amount of lines a player completes determines the payoff at the end of each round. Each round also features a Mega Ball multiplier that raises the stakes even higher! Players can set the value of their cards every round. The higher the value of the card, the greater the payoff.

⭐How to play Mega Ball?

This Live Casino game is pretty straightforward to play. Simply set the value of your wager, purchase your cards, and play. If the drawn balls match the numbers on your card, you gain the chance of forming a winning line. The more winning lines you form, the higher the payoff. This payoff can also be maximised by the Mega Ball if it completes a winning line.

⭐Where to play Mega Ball for real money?

Mega Ball can be found under the Live Casino tab of the EnergyCasino website. A wager can be set every round by toggling the +/- buttons at the bottom of the screen. How much you bet can be seen on the left corner of the screen under ‘TOTAL BET’. EnergyCasino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) as we seek to continuously meet the highest industry standards.

⭐How to win Mega Ball?

As with all casino and betting games, there is no sure-fire way of devising a strategy or method to winning. Winning random Mega Ball bonus rounds pay a multiplier on the amount you wager on your card if you complete a winning line, thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager plus the Mega Ball multiplier.

⭐Can you play Mega Ball online for real money?

In every round, players have the option to bet as little as €0.10 (or currency equivalent) on one card to as much as €100 on one card. The value of your cards can be toggled through the +/- buttons. The amount of winning lines you collect determines your final payoff.

⭐How does Mega Ball work?

The Mega Ball gambling game is a simple lottery-style game that allows players to bet on cards for the chance of forming up to nine winning lines. Set the value of the cards as you wish for every round. The aim of the game is to complete those paylines with a chance to taste that delicious jackpot. For a more detailed description simply head to the “HELP” tab under the ‘?’ button.

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