Blackjack Classic 58

Blackjack Classic 58

Blackjack Classic 58 is a classic blackjack table offered by Evolution. This blackjack game has seven seats but offers the option to Bet Behind. Betting hind means that, although the number of seats is limited, other players can join and wager behind any of the seven seats. A player who has a seat is responsible for all gameplay decisions on that hand, and the outcome of that player’s round will be the same for everyone who chose to bet behind. This is precisely why a newcomer may not wish to start here, as everyone who joins should be able to use and recognise basic blackjack strategy. Fortunately, this game features handy settings to control how your wagers behave when betting behind, so as long as you have a solid grasp of the basics, you can get started.

Blackjack Classic 58 Gameplay and Features

This online casino table follows the same rules and objective as classic blackjack, with a few variations. The game is played with eight decks, and the dealer will always stand on soft 17. Pair splitting is possible, but only one split is allowed per hand. Split aces can only hit (draw an additional card) once. Doubling down is available on any two initial cards, but doubling after a split is not permitted. The game also offers insurance (2:1) when the dealer shows an ace and blackjack pays out 3:2. The Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets are also available. Since this multiplayer game only has seven seats, players may find these Bet Behind settings useful:

  • When the main player DOUBLES DOWN — You can choose if you’d like to double your bet along with the main hand or not.
  • When the main player SPLITS — You can choose to keep your wager on the first (right) hand only or double your wager and play both hands.

Bonuses and Special Features in Blackjack Classic 58

The main players can place two optional bets, the Perfect Pairs and 21+3, for a chance at a more generous bonus win. The first will pay out when your first two cards are one of three types of pairs: perfect, coloured or mixed pairs. A perfect pair is same-value cards of the same suit(eg: two aces of spades); a coloured pair includes two cards of different suits but of the same colour (eg: three of clubs and three of spades); and a mixed pair has two cards of different suits and colours (eg: king of hearts and king of spades). Perfect pair pays 25:1, coloured pair 12:1 and mixed pair 6:1.

The 21+3 side bet pays out if the player’s first two cards plus the dealer’s upcard form one of these three-card poker hands: suited trips (100:1), straight flush (40:1), three of a kind (30:1), straight (10:1) and flush (5:1). The Insurance bet is another optional side bet which becomes available if the dealer’s upcard is an ace. If the dealer gets a blackjack, then those who placed the Insurance bet will be paid 2:1.

If you’re interested in additional bonuses and rewards, then keep an eye out on our ‘Promotions’ page. You’ll find a variety of Live Casino bonuses, and a variety of action-packed casino events and tournaments where you can win bonus money, cash rewards and casino free spins. The promotions and bonuses available to you depend on your jurisdiction. You will find everything you need to know on our ‘Promotions’ page, and under the T&C’s of each casino bonus.

How To Play Blackjack Classic 58

Cards two through 10 all have their face value. Face cards (jacks, queens and kings) are valued at 10 points each, and the ace can swing between a value of one and 11 (whichever is favourable to the hand). Doubling down and splitting are allowed, but keep in mind that both will double your initial bet. If you are betting behind, then you have the option to opt-out of doubling down and splitting through the game’s settings.

Playing card games always involves a bit of luck, a bit of skill and quite a bit of knowledge. Since this classic blackjack is played with eight decks, and they are frequently shuffled, card-counting techniques will not yield significant results. Fortunately, there are many strategies that you can use, along with betting strategies. Before you commit to placing a real wager, make sure that you research blackjack strategy and gameplay optimisation.


Blackjack Classic 58 is one of the many classic blackjack tables offered by Evolution (previously known as Evolution Gaming). Although the number of seats is limited to seven, the option to Bet Behind is available to anyone who joins the table. Evolution’s games always deliver quality and authenticity, and this classic blackjack table is not an exception! You can enjoy a variety of side bets and a seamless user experience, whenever and wherever you prefer.


⭐ What is Blackjack Classic 58?

This is a classic blackjack game that offers Insurance, Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets. There are only seven open seats, but betting behind is permitted.

⭐ How does Blackjack Classic 58 work?

This game is played with seven main seats, but those who join have the option to take an available seat (if any are empty) or to Bet Behind the hand of their choice. When the betting window closes, the dealer will distribute one card to every player, facedown. The dealer then draws one more card to every hand, and the dealer’s hand, the player’s cards will be up, card dealt to the dealer will be facedown. After the cards have been dealt, the main players can double down, hit, stand or split (if available). After all hands have been played, the dealer will reveal their hole card and continues the round based on the game’s rules.

⭐ How to play Blackjack Classic 58?

The game follows the same rules as classic blackjack, with a few small variations. Consult the game’s rules on the top-right corner of the user interface of the game.

⭐ Where to play Blackjack Classic 58 for real money?

You can enjoy a variety of blackjack games at EnergyCasino. All you need is an account and enough funds to play. Visit our Live Casino to see which fantastic blackjack tables you can join.

⭐ How to win Blackjack Classic 58?

All casino games are games of chance, including blackjack. Even though the house edge can be lowered with strategic play, winning can never be guaranteed. Please make sure that all of your gaming activity at an online casino is responsible.

⭐ Can you play Blackjack Classic 58 online for real money?

Yes, to place a real wager on blackjack you will need a registered and verified, casino account. When the registration process is complete, you will be able to deposit funds and enjoy all of the casino’s products.

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