Deutsches Roulette

Deutsches Roulette

Deutsches Roulette is a classic European single-zero roulette table that is part of Evolution’s native game variants. This provider, previously known as Evolution Gaming, is the industry’s best when it comes to spectacular Live Casino entertainment. So let’s have a look at this roulette table and find out where you, too, can enjoy unparalleled Live Casino gameplay.

About Deutsches Roulette

The Deutsches roulette variant is packed with the same fantastic features as Evolution’s standard European roulette tables, the only difference is that this game is hosted by a native, German-speaking live dealer.


The impeccable stream quality and ease of use are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the real casino experience without the pressure of a land-based setting. Wagers on live roulette are accepted after the dealer’s cue to “Place your bets” and must be finalised before the dealer, also known as the croupier, announces “No more bets”. Since this part of the game is timed, players must place their bet quickly. Those that don’t place a bet in the allotted time will have to wait until the next game round.

In single-zero roulette, there are only 37 pockets (giving the house an edge of 2.7%) and two main bet types: Inside and Outside bets. You can place these bets on roulette tables, including double-zero roulette and Deutsches European Roulette. Inside bets are placed on a single number or adjacent numbers, they are as follows: Straight Up bet, Split bet, Street bet, Line bet (Sixline) and the Corner bet. Outside bets are as follows: Column bet, Dozen bet, Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36 bets. Outside bets offer lower winnings in return for relatively safer gameplay, as bets like Red/Black and Even/Odd have a roughly 50% chance of hitting. Many betting progression roulette strategies rely on Outside bets, so ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the betting options and their respective payouts.

You begin by selecting your preferred chip, the minimum and maximum chip values will be set by the game table. The max bet you can place will depend on the table’s restrictions (and your bankroll). A chip can be placed by clicking on the digital betting table, which will look identical to a standard roulette betting table. Players can also place their wagers using the racetrack for Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins and other special bets.

When betting closes, the live dealer will launch the roulette ball along the spinning wheel's rim in the opposite direction. As the ball loses momentum, it descends into one of the numbered pockets on the roulette wheel. The ball’s final location determines the winning number.

Deutsches Roulette Rules

The rules of Deutsches Roulette are identical to standard live European roulette tables. Players have a limited betting window during which they have to place a bet or sit that round out. Players can place a chip on Inside bets (like Straight Up, Corner and Line bets), Outside bets (such as a Red/Black or Column bet) and Neighbour bets (Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins and Jeu Zero). The Finale en Plein and Finale a Cheval special bets can also be placed. Players who correctly predict the winning number or set of numbers will collect cash payouts. The winnings will vary depending on the wager placed and the respective payout.

Bonuses and Special Features In Deutsches Roulette

The most helpful features include:

  • Live Chat — You can interact with one another as well as with the live dealer.
  • Detailed Statistics — View a comprehensive breakdown of the previous rounds and a player’s account history.
  • Three Camera Modes — 3D, Classic and Immersive. Players can also choose to enable or disable the auto-zoom feature during the wheel spin.
  • Game Rules — You can easily access the game’s rules and payouts.

The Live Chat feature of Deutsches Roulette enables players to chat in real time with the croupier, as well as other players. Live Chat Support is also available, so rest assured that any of your concerns or queries about the gameplay will be addressed swiftly.

Those that want to study the results of previous rounds to place better bets in the future are in luck. The Statistics tab keeps track of the last 500 rounds played, making it easy to see the winning numbers for each game round.

Multiple cameras and angles recreate the authentic casino atmosphere to the T, offering roulette players an unforgettable experience with the ability to switch between Classic, 3D and Immersive viewpoints. This is particularly useful when your internet connection is not so stable, as you can forego the HD and switch to lower settings at any time.


Deutsches Roulette is perfect for German players who may not feel too comfortable playing with an English-speaking live dealer. By releasing more native games, Evolution opens up roulette to an even wider range of players than ever before. Players can place a variety of wagers using the digital betting table, and the game’s rules are easily accessible at any time during gameplay. The ability to interact with the croupier in real time is the cherry on top of an already fantastic game.

The game rules are identical to Evolution’s European roulette tables, the only difference in Deutsches Roulette is that it’s hosted by a German-speaking dealer. Deutsches Roulette is fully compatible with mobile play, so you can rest assured that you can enjoy the same, crisp graphics and gameplay on the go.

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⭐ What is Deutsches Roulette?

Deutsches Roulette is a European roulette table with the same rules of single-zero gameplay. The distinguishing feature of this game is that it is hosted by a German-speaking dealer.

⭐ How does Deutsches Roulette work?

The way Deutsches Roulette works is that players deposit real money with the online casino and they turn around and use that money to place bets on the game. Players make their bet on the racetrack or on the game’s digital betting table on the user interface. Players can wager on Inside, Outside and Neighbour bets, as well as the Finale en Plein and the Finale a Cheval special bets. Betting is then closed, and the dealer launches the ball along the rim of the spinning roulette wheel. The min and max bet values will be predetermined and specified in the game’s rules. Remember that live roulette is a game of luck — a payout is only earned when a player successfully predicts which numbered poker the ball lands on.

⭐ How to play Deutsches Roulette?

This game follows standard live roulette gameplay. Bets must be placed while the betting window is open, after which the dealer will launch the roulette ball along the rim of the spinning wheel (in the opposite direction from the spin). When the ball rests at its final numbered pocket, the winning number will be declared and those who wagered on that number, or on a group of numbers that covers it, will collect their respective winnings.

⭐ Where to play Deutsches Roulette for real money?

Deutsches Roulette can be played for real money at a handful of online casinos. This game is hosted by Evolution (previously known as Evolution Gaming) and is available at any online casino that offers Evolution’s comprehensive portfolio of games. EnergyCasino is one of them! To enjoy roulette play in an authentic and professional setting, simply register an account and place a deposit. You can also benefit from a bonus offer, such as the Welcome Bonus. The bonus offers available depend on your jurisdiction, so make sure to check out the ‘Promotions’ page before registering.

⭐ Why is Deutsches Roulette so popular?

This live roulette table is becoming increasingly more popular as German players who may have previously avoided roulette are now giving it another chance. This comes as no surprise since betting involves real funds; every player should be comfortable with all roulette play rules and have a solid understanding of odds, betting markets and the flow of the game.

⭐ How to win Deutsches Roulette?

The only way to win any game of live roulette is to successfully predict the number the wheel will land on and place a bet on that number. Keep in mind that roulette is a game of chance; thus, nothing can ever guarantee that you will win games. Be mindful of your gameplay decisions, limit your bankroll, and use online tools, tables, and calculators that may help you make strategically advantageous decisions.

⭐ Can you play Deutsches Roulette online for real money?

Yes, since Deutsches Roulette is a Live Casino exclusive from Evolution, all partnered casinos will offer this table. You can try out this game at EnergyCasino, along with hundreds of other Live Casino table games and live shows. You can also play RNG table and card games, like video poker, and hundreds of incredible slots from the industry’s leading providers. Our slot machines range from timeless classics to modern, top-of-the-line slots packed with bonus features. Check out video poker games like Jacks or Better, Sic Bo and Deuces Wild video poker, or try your luck on awesome slots like Star Joker, Bonanza and Gonzo’s Quest™.

Check out our ‘Promotions’ page for special offers and casino bonus rewards to take your gameplay to the next level. You can benefit from a Free Spins bonus on the best slots around, bonus funds that you can use to place an extra chip at the Live Casino or even cashback offers which will back a percentage of your net losses. To claim a bonus offer, you will need to register and place a deposit. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions of every offer before claiming your rewards.

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