Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Fire & Ice - fire and ice slot machine

Contrast is the way of life. Right from the dark of the dusk to the bright of the dawn and from zeroes of absence to ones of presence in digital universe, ever-opposing elements are known to define pretty much everything around us. Fire and ice are two of the most important natural elements, and are often associated as opposing forces due to their obvious nature.

UC8 has combined both of these definitive constructors of life in a slot that is not only entertaining but also immensely rewarding. fire and ice slot machine has a good reel to payline ratio, rich graphics and Double Bonus, Double Free Spins features that are guaranteed to keep players rooted to their seats.

What is UC8?

We are aware that not too many of our readers are likely to be familiar with UC8. That’s why, it seems to be a point in order to introduce this developer to them.

To put it in short, UC8 is a modern day iGaming developer that has, in a short period of about 20 months to date, taken long strides in the world of online gaming, especially slot gaming with titles like Egyptian Rebirth and Exploding Pirates. With over three dozens of slots already in their catalogue, UC8 is a name that most slot fans will be hearing over next few years, and for good reasons, we hope!

    • Fire and Ice Game properties
    • Name Fire and Ice
    • RTP 97.40%
    • Variance other
    • Max win (coins) 0
    • Min bet (Max bet) 400
    • Layout 5x3
    • Paylines 40
    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released 12.01.2016
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