Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

How to play Jacks or Better - slots of vegas

You can play Jacks or Better in three easy steps:

  1. Choose the number of hands you wish to play, using the menu under the game logo.
  2. Set your bet by selecting the coin sizeand number of coins, and click dealto start the game.
  3. 5 cards will appear in the main hand area. Click on the cards you wish to hold or unhold and click draw to replace the cards not held. With a bit of luck you will form a winning combination as defined in paytable.

Each hand is drawn from a standard reshuffled 52 card deck.

Click on double to to double your winnings or double half to to double half of your winnings.

Click on collect to add the winnings to your balance.

Click on deal to add the winnings to your balance and start a new slots of vegas game.


The most rewarding feature in Jacks or Better

When you decide to double or double half, the dealer will draw a face-up card and present you withfour face-down cards. If you:

  • draw a higher card than thedealer, you win the round. Then you can collect or double (half) again until the double limit is reached;
  • draw a card of the same rank as the dealer, you tie. You can either collect or double again until the double limit is reached;
  • draw a lower card than the dealer's, you lose (half) your win.

Double cards are drawn from a single standard 52 card deck, reshuffled for each round.

Game rules

What you need to know about Jacks or Better

Winning combinations, or "winning hands", are evaluated according to the game Paytable and are paid at the end of the round. Paytable amounts are multiplied by coin size. Balance is updated with every bet placed and every win collected.

The lowest winning combination in Jacks or Better is Pair of Jacks (e.g. Js Jh 5d 4d 3c), all lower combinations are "no hands".

All cards dealt in the main hand are replaceable, including autoheld cards. Cards can be replaced only once.

Replace cards are drawn from the same deck as the hand, excluding dealt and discarded cards.

When playing more than one hand, each hand is drawn from a unique deck and displays cards held in the main hand.


Explaining slots of vegas game payouts and how to read them

When you play single hand Jacks or Better, the full paytable is placed above the main hand. When you play 4 or more hands, the paytable is split into two mini tables on the left and right side of the main hand.

Paytable changes according to the number of coins you wish to bet per hand. Coin size does not affect the paytable.

Example: if you play Jacks or Better with 5 coins of size 1, the Pair of Jacks winning combination will pay you 5, which means you will get your bet back. All higher winning combinations then pay multipliers of your initial bet.

Jacks or Better winning hands:

Hand Definition
Royal Flush Cards of consecutive rank and of same suit, from Ace to 10
Straight Flush Cards of consecutive rank and of same suit, top card King or lower
Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank plus unmatched card
Full House Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank
Flush Five non-consecutive cards of same suit
Straight Five consecutive cards of different suits
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank plus two unmatched cards
Two Pairs Two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank plus any unmatched card
Jacks or Better Two Jacks plus three unmatched cards
    • Jacks or Better Game properties
    • Name Jacks or Better
    • RTP 99.54%
    • Variance other
    • Max win (coins) 0
    • Min bet (Max bet) 100
    • Layout other
    • Paylines
    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released 01.01.2015
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