Keno Classic

Keno Classic

The game in a nutshell

Keno Classic is Keno in its most basic form. The game's main feature is the standard card with 80 numbers. You can select 1 to 10 numbers on the card, the computer will draw 20 numbers. A win is paid depending on how many numbers you selected and how many of them match the drawn numbers. The more numbers match, the higher the win, except for the selection of 8, 9, or 10 numbers, for which you also get paid if NONE of the selected and drawn numbers match. Familiarize yourself with the game's user interface and flow via the links below.

Keno user interface

A guide through the game buttons and fields

The screen's main feature is the Keno card with 80 numbers in red. Just below the card are the current BET and WIN fields. Left of the card is the HISTORY field with last 10 rounds and hits. The latest finished round is always on top. If you click on a round, the selected, drawn and matched numbers of that round will display on the card. Click play (or autoplay) to play the numbers of that round again. Click the round again to deselect it and return to last selected numbers. Rounds played in AUTOPLAY mode are shown in blue colour. Right of the card is the dynamic paytable field with hits and wins corresponding to selected numbers. Below the BET and WIN fields are the game buttons. In the top left corner is the Lobby bar. On the very bottom of the screen is the Menu Bar. Its leftmost field is the bet amount field with which you can select your bet. Menu bar also displays your current balance and the general casino control buttons such as Cashier, Menu and Close buttons.

How to play

Keno game flow

Click on the bet amount to select your bet. You can also use the arrows next to the bet amount.
Click on individual numbers on the card to select them. To deselect, click on selected numbers again.
If you prefer random number selection, first choose with how many numbers you wish to play by clicking on the numbers field inside the autopick button, then click on the autopick button.
To clear the current selection, click clear.
Click play. Computer will randomly draw 20 numbers.
If you prefer autoplay, first chose how many rounds you wish to play from the rounds field inside the autoplay button, then click on the autoplay button.

Keno trivia

Some interesting facts

The word "keno" has French or Latin roots, although the game's origins are Chinese. The game was invented some 3000 years ago by a ruler of a Chinese city involved in a long lasting war that all but exhausted all of city's resources. In order to draw more money from the citizens without additional taxation, he devised a game then simply known as "Chinese Lottery". Chinese Lottery did not use numbers, but first 120 Chinese characters from the "Thousand Character Poem", a poem in which none of the characters is repeated and was used to teach young children Chinese characters and calligraphy. Later the number was reduced to 80. Results of the widespread game were carried around to remote villages by means of carrier pigeons or messenger doves, resulting in the game being called also the White Pigeon Game. Keno lottery related taxes also helped to fund the Great Wall of China in its entirety.

    • Keno Classic Game properties
    • Name Keno Classic
    • RTP 88.8%
    • Variance other
    • Max win (coins) 0
    • Min bet (Max bet) 20
    • Layout other
    • Paylines -
    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released
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