Enhanced with the free spins and gamble features, this 5-reel slot game has 25 paylines and 500-coin slots, which is more than enough to reel in some real money. The goal of the Loaded slot is to reach that lucky combo on one of the paylines. The amount won is directly linked to the combo type that a player receives.

Game Rules

  • Lines number field is used to set the amount of paylines.
  • Select lines field is used to raise the amount of paylines.
  • Select coins field is used to raise the bet amount.
  • Down and up arrows are used to set the size of the coins.
  • Bet max is used to set the bet amount to its upper limit.
  • Spin is used to spin the reels.
  • Win is used to display the amount won from the winning string that is highlighted across the reels.
  • With the autoplay button, which is available only for the expert mode, a player adjusts the plays to be in a row for a set number of spins. The games are set automatically.
  • With the spin5/10 button, which is also available for the expert mode only, a player sets a sequence of five or ten games that he wants, without interacting with the software.


Triple 7

  • This is a wild multiplier, that is used to change all other symbols, but for the scattered ones as well as to multiply the winnings with a 3x multiplier, as the name says it. It is also used on its own to make a winning string.


  • As a scattered symbol it can appear anywhere on the reels. And when it does, it forms a winning string, provided that there are 2+ of them. If there are at least three symbols of bling, an additional feature, called free spins is triggered. This is the only symbol that cannot be replaced with the triple 7.

Free Spins

  • If there are 3+ scattered symbols of bling across the reels, free spin mode is triggered, where a player is rewarded with 24 free spins as well as an opportunity to earn a 4x multiplier, which will multiply the winnings. The player is the one who decides how many free spins and multipliers he wishes to play.
  • This feature cannot be restarted while a player is playing one of the free spins.
  • The number of paylines and bet amounts used in the spin that triggered this feature apply to the feature as well.


  • This is an optional feature, that a player can disregard, if he wishes. If not, he can gamble his winnings after the first winning payout that he receives. This feature offers two options; one is guessing the right colour, which will double the winning, and the other is guessing the right suit, which will quadruple it. The limit for this feature is five gambling per mighty slots or sooner, in case the gamble limit is reached.

The theoretical return to player for this game is 96.29%.

    • Loaded Game properties
    • Name Loaded
    • RTP 96.29%
    • Variance mid
    • Max win (coins) 0
    • Min bet (Max bet) 125
    • Layout other
    • Paylines
    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released 04.11.2005
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