Pond of Koi

Pond of Koi

Pond of Koi - super slots casino

Every so often a new slot machine game comes along that leaves players with more questions than answers. Pond of Koi by UC8 is one such game. It does something that no one has ever thought to do; it throws out one of the most basic traditions of slot machines and contains absolutely no pay lines.

As well as having no pay lines, Pond of Koi also guarantees that you’ll win at least every six spins. Don’t get too excited though, because how much you win is still completely random.

The above has detailed the core credentials of Pond of Koi, as the title proves to be unique slots release to say the very least. With that in mind, we think that this game has more than enough to become a flagship UC8 title.

Making a Huge Splash

Before we get stuck into the meat of Pond of Koi, it must be said that there are no special symbols to be found here. No wilds, bonuses, or scatter symbols. Essentially every symbol is a scatter symbol here, which makes it more unique.

There are seven symbols in all and making them all scatters is how UC8 managed to create a super slots casino game with no pay lines. All of the symbols feature koi fish in some form or fashion, which really work to give the game some added visual oomph.

    • Pond of Koi Game properties
    • Name Pond of Koi
    • RTP 97.19%
    • Variance other
    • Max win (coins) 100000
    • Min bet (Max bet) 200
    • Layout 5x3
    • Paylines 12
    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released 12.05.2016
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