Welcome everyone to EnergyShop! This is the only shop in which you don’t need to have cash to buy original products of the world-famous brands! All you have to do is to collect EnergyPoints every time you play for real money at EnergyCasino/EnergyBet and your favourite and dream items could be yours. Check out EnergyShop’s offer!

Cash exchange

Price: 100 EP = 1 EUR

A minimum of 200 EnergyPoints are required to convert points into cash. Your EnergyPoints balance: 0 EP.

100 EP = 1 EUR

2017 EnergyGirls Calendar – Out Now!

Price: 1200600 EP

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here; the 2017 EnergyGirls Calendar is now available in the EnergyShop! But, it’s not just a calendar; it’s a work of art and comes with exclusive monthly EnergyCasino bonuses too.

1200600 EP

EnergyCasino Racing T-Shirt

Price: 1000 EP

Inspired by the EnergyCasino Porsche race cars driven in the Porsche Carrera Championship: Scandinavia, 2016. This one is for all the petrolheads out there.

1000 EP

Winners’ Energy T-Shirt

Price: 15001000 EP

Keep cool, look cool, stay lucky. The “Winners’ Energy” T-Shirt, available in jet-black and angel-white is stylish, fashionable and you can get it at the EnergyShop.

15001000 EP

Queen of Hearts T-Shirt

Price: 1000 EP

As worn by the EnergyGirls, this, available in any size ladies T-Shirt caresses any form. Available in jet-black and angel-white, show your dark or your light side with this EnergyShop buy.

1000 EP

T-Shirt "Winner"

Price: 1000 EP

Experience the real WINNERS’ ENERGY wearing our newest T-shirt "Winner!”

1000 EP

T-Shirt "King"

Price: 1000 EP

The newest EnergyCasino T-shirt is a combination of tradition and modernity, which will definitely impress everyone.

1000 EP

Leyton Orient Cap

Price: 2000 EP

A timeless black baseball cap, featuring the official Leyton Orient crest and the EnergyBet logo.

2000 EP

Women's Black EnergyCasino Hoodie

Price: 3000 EP

A warm and comfy classic that you’ll never want to take off; the black EnergyCasino hoodie.

3000 EP

Black EnergyCasino Hoodie

Price: 3000 EP

A classic that should be a part of every man’s wardrobe; the black EnergyCasino hoodie.

3000 EP

Zippo Lighter

Price: 3000 EP

The newest EnergyLighter manufactured by the world famous lighters’ distributor – Zippo.

3000 EP

EnergyCasino Performance Jacket for men

Price: 4500 EP

Durable, stylish protection against the wind and rain.

4500 EP

EnergyCasino Performance Jacket for women

Price: 4500 EP

Durable, stylish protection against the wind and rain.

4500 EP

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse

Price: 6000 EP

Increase productivity and comfort with this stylish wireless mobile mouse.

6000 EP

iPod Shuffle

Price: 8000 EP

Listen to music whenever you are and whatever you do! iPod Shuffle is a small and convenient way to carry hundreds of songs right in your pocket.

8000 EP

Edifier Portable Speakers

Price: 9000 EP

Get big sound anywhere, from this small and stylish speaker system.

9000 EP

Signed Leyton Orient FC Shirt

Price: 10000 EP

Something rather special for Leyton Orient fans; a shirt signed by all first squad players.

10000 EP

Bellroy Leather Wallet

Price: 11000 EP

An essential for the modern gentleman. Designed in Australia and renowned worldwide. Crafted to be super slim and durable.

11000 EP

Bon Air Cabin Baggage

Price: 12000 EP

Style meets practicality in the Bon Air 4-wheel cabin baggage spinner suitcase, by American Tourister.

12000 EP

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Price: 14000 EP

Ray-Ban sunglasses are a class to themselves. For over 70 years make people happy around the world.

14000 EP

iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case

Price: 15000 EP

Increase your talk time up to 25 hours, or Internet use up to 18 hours with this genuine Apple battery case.

15000 EP

Kindle Paperwhite 3

Price: 18000 EP

The Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader is a combination of functionality, modernity and comfort.

18000 EP

iPod Nano

Price: 20000 EP

Listen to music, play games and watch videos on a brand new iPod nano. The new iPod Nano has a completly new look and its 2.5" Multi-Touch display will meet needs of even the most demanding users.

20000 EP

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones

Price: 4200035000 EP

Twist them, and they don't break. Charge them, and they're powered for days. Wrap them round your ears, and they don't lie. True sound. True music. True beat.

4200035000 EP

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Price: 35000 EP

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is a cutting-edge smartwatch, combining power with intuitive controls and sleek, understated design.

35000 EP

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 VE

Price: 4800045000 EP

Your interface to operate the “Internet of things” or just to get on with the things you love. Access information 24/7, game to infinity, or simply take your workplace beyond the office.

4800045000 EP

PlayStation 4

Price: 5000048000 EP

The PlayStation 4 is a console that lives up to its legacy. With the latest hardware and mind blowing graphics, it is a
must-have for any gamer.

5000048000 EP

iPad Air 2

Price: 5500050000 EP

The iPad Air 2 is on the cutting edge of tablets available to the general consumer.

5500050000 EP

Original Swiss Watch

Price: 65000 EP

Original Swiss watch from Victorinox.

65000 EP

Electra Townie Ballon 8D

Price: 75000 EP

Getting your feet onto these pedals is super easy. Built for comfort, for pleasure, and geared to go with German “flatfoot” technology, the Electra Townie craves your Energy to take it places.

75000 EP

Summer Cruise in Malta

Price: 300000 EP

Summer cruise in Malta.

300000 EP
This game is provided under the licence 8048/JAZ granted by the Government of Curacao.
EnergyPoints: 0 EP

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