Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

After launching in Cambodia, Evolution’s Dragon Tiger Live Casino game made its debut in land-based casinos across Asia. One of the reasons for the game’s continued success is that in some ways it is similar to both Casino War and baccarat, both of which are incredibly popular. Dragon Tiger is also nearly identical to another chart-topping casino game from Evolution — Live Football Studio. Dragon Tiger is an Asian-themed game that is simple and fast-paced, perfect for new and experienced players alike. The objective is straightforward: players choose between Dragon and Tiger as their main bet, and the drawn card of a higher value will be the winner. Players can also place bets on Tie and Suited Tie for a chance at higher payouts.

About Live Dragon Tiger

One of the appeals of Live Dragon Tiger is that the average round can be played over the course of 30 seconds. For players with busy lives, this means Dragon Tiger is a great choice for entertainment on the go. The best live game dealers move quickly enough that they can generally complete two rounds within one minute.

Another of the reasons this Live Casino game moves so quickly is that even when a game consists of multiple players, turns are not a part of the process. Even if every player in a game uses his or her unique strategy, the game still moves quickly. Once the dealer reveals the cards to players, the game automatically calculates each player’s bets.

Players can also capitalise on the chance of drawing a tie. There are two types of Tie bets available, the regular Tie and the Suited Tie. These bets have lower RTPs of 89.64% and 86.02%, respectively, as opposed to the RTP of 96.27% for the main bets (Dragon vs Tiger). However, the payouts for the Tie bets are a bit more generous, with wins of 11:1 for Tie and 50:1 for Suited Tie.


The two main cards in the game are the Tiger and the Dragon. To start the game, a player must choose which one to bet on. The dealer then shows players the pair of cards that have been dealt. Of the two, the one with the higher value is considered the winner of the hand.

The Evolution version of Live Dragon Tiger contains a few special features that attract players:

  • Fast-paced play.
  • Tie and Suited Tie bets.
  • Scorecards for streaks, trends and shoe statistics: Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road.

Bonuses and Special Features In Live Dragon Tiger

Next to the wagering area on the screen, players will see several scorecard panels to track streaks, trends and shoe statistics. This is where both modified and standard roads are tracked over the course of each game. As a result, players can quickly develop their own strategy without slowing the game down for themselves or for anyone else.

In Live Dragon Tiger, the shoe is equipped with eight decks of cards. This system makes it more difficult for players to count cards, which is a common strategy in games such as live blackjack, live poker and live baccarat. Players who enjoy the game should also be on the lookout for online casino bonuses, casino tournaments and Cashback casino bonus rewards for Live Casino gameplay.


Live Dragon Tiger is a Live Casino game from Evolution, one that is so popular with players all over the world primarily because it is easy to learn. Within minutes players can figure out the game and how to get the most out of experiencing it.

Dragon Tiger is quite similar to baccarat but is much easier to follow. Think of it as a single-draw betting game with minimal rules, lightning-fast gameplay and reasonable odds. Although the use of multiple decks prevents card counting, Dragon Tiger is still one of the most played games and is perfect for players who don’t want to engage in high-risk casino entertainment.

Game Rules

There are some basic rules that every player needs to know to get the most out of Dragon Tiger. The first rule of the game is that each number card has a corresponding value. Ace is the lowest value card in the game, with a value of one. The highest-valued cards in the game are king, queen, jack, and 10. Jokers are removed from all decks.

Any card worth more than seven is a big card. Any card worth less than seven is a small card. Finally, if the Dragon and Tiger have the same value and the same suit, it’s a Suited Tie with a payout of 50:1. If the Dragon and Tiger cards have the same value, it’s a Tie with a payout of 11:1. In case of a Tie, half of the player’s main bet will be returned.


⭐What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger is a Live Casino game from Evolution, based on the rules of baccarat and War. This Asian-themed game involves only a few moves and four betting options, making it easier to learn than many other casino games.

⭐How to play Live Dragon Tiger?

The game is played on a table, with one half going to the Tiger and the other half going to the Dragon. Players place a bet on the one they think is a better choice. Once bets have been placed the dealer draws the cards. One Dragon and one Tiger card are laid face up on the table, players that bet on the higher-valued card win that hand. Players have options to wager on the Tiger (1:1), Dragon (1:1), Tie (11:1) or Suited Tie (50:1).

⭐Where to play Live Dragon Tiger for real money?

Players can enjoy premium Live Dragon Tiger tables at EnergyCasino, along with hundreds of other Live Casino table games and live shows from the world’s leading providers like Evolution and LiveG24.

⭐Why is Live Dragon Tiger so popular?

The main reason Live Dragon Tiger is so popular is that it is easy to learn and play. There are only a few basic rules to learn, and those already familiar with baccarat or War will have a head start.

⭐How to win Live Dragon Tiger?

Some players say that paying attention to the suites in the game is the best way to win. This involves being able to count the instances of suites that were already dealt during a game, helping players make smarter bets. Keep in mind that Dragon Tiger is a casino game of chance, meaning that winning can never be guaranteed.

⭐Can you play Live Dragon Tiger online for real money?

Yes, it is possible to play Live Dragon Tiger online for real money. Join EnergyCasino and make a deposit to enjoy playing for real money. EnergyCasino players can also claim a fantastic Live Casino bonus on their first day of activity (bonus subject to availability based on player’s jurisdiction).

⭐How does Live Dragon Tiger work?

Live Dragon Tiger works by requiring players to place a main bet on the Dragon or the Tiger. The card with the highest value wins the round. Players can also wager on a Tie (same value) or a Suited Tie (same value and suit) for a chance at higher payouts.

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