Flower Fortunes

Flower Fortunes
With 531,441 Megaways and extra features specifically designed to boost your win, the only thing standing between you and a HUGE fortune is placing a bet and spinning the flower reels for the possibility of multiplying your bet by x 18 480! Experience fast and delightful gameplay across a 6x5 reel with 5 different levels as you rise in power. Maximize your good fortune with the flower spirit who will grant a multitude of exciting features as it vibrantly evolves, as well as changing the very boundaries of the reel itself. With every spin magical orbs will appear, determining if the flower spirit is destined to grow or wither. When the flower spirit grows so does the possibilities, never stop winning with up to 531 441 Megaways!
    • Flower Fortunes thuộc tính trò chơi
    • Tên trò chơi Flower Fortunes
    • RTP 96.00%
    • Biến thể mid
    • Tiền thắng tối đa (xu) 0
    • Cược tối thiểu (cược tối đa) 10
    • Bố cục other
    • Dòng trả thưởng
    • Thiết bị được hỗ trợ vi tính, di động
    • Công nghệ HTML5
    • Đã phát hành
    tính năng trò chơi
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