Mega Chance

Mega Chance

The winning formula for Mega Chance is pretty straightforward: The bigger the fruit, the bigger your chances of winning! Easy to remember since there are only two winning symbols: the melon and the orange. But there’s more because there are no fixed pay lines in Mega Chance – what counts is the number of symbols! Collect as many melons as possible because they will grant you free games and maybe even the progressive jackpot!

Free games

If at least 7 WATERMELONS land on the reels you get a free spin in which the symbols that triggered the free game are fixed. If at least one more WATERMELON appears during the free spin this will be also fixed and you win another free game. This will be continued until no more WATERMELONS are won.


If you land 15 WATERMELONS following a spin the progressive jackpot is yours! You receive 100 % of the jackpot if you placed the highest bet or a proportionate share when you have bet less.

The RTP is 93.99%.

    • Mega Chance thuộc tính trò chơi
    • Tên trò chơi Mega Chance
    • RTP 93.99%
    • Biến thể mid
    • Tiền thắng tối đa (xu) 0
    • Cược tối thiểu (cược tối đa) 100
    • Bố cục other
    • Dòng trả thưởng
    • Thiết bị được hỗ trợ vi tính, di động
    • Công nghệ HTML5
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