Miami Bonus Wheel

Miami Bonus Wheel
We’re all missing going out right now, but we’ve still been working hard (from home) to bring you our latest release which is our take on a classic U.S. land based theme. Miami Bonus Wheel brings the bright lights of Florida’s party capital to the slot experience to entertain players whatever their current circumstances. The 3×3, 10 payline slot offers a fresh take on the classic U.S. land-based theme and is packed with engaging features that turn up the heat of the player experience. With a 3×3 reel bed and 10 paylines, players can shortcut straight to the all-new Bonus Wheel via our signature HyperBonus feature, and in the base game there are three variants of multiple Wilds symbols with the value of one, two or three or ramp up the excitement factor. Up to 15 Free Spins are awarded whenever there is a win in the Bonus Wheel feature, triggered when three bonus symbols land anywhere in the base game. Wilds and Multiplier Wilds that appear during Free Spins leave a sticky Wilds frame that locks in position for the remainder of the round. Miami Bonus Wheel is exclusively distributed through ORYX Gaming.
    • Miami Bonus Wheel thuộc tính trò chơi
    • Tên trò chơi Miami Bonus Wheel
    • RTP
    • Biến thể low
    • Tiền thắng tối đa (xu) 0
    • Cược tối thiểu (cược tối đa)
    • Bố cục other
    • Dòng trả thưởng
    • Thiết bị được hỗ trợ vi tính, di động
    • Công nghệ HTML5
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