Wildhound Derby

Wildhound Derby
The hounds are straining at the slips, and ready to race in the brand new Play’n GO slot, Wildhound Derby! Wildhound Derby is a 5-reel slot based around the great British pastime of dog racing, putting you right in the middle of all the racing action, in an amazing new bonus feature! The game has thirty paylines, and you can speed towards a standard win by matching three or more identical symbols along one of these paylines. The game’s symbols come in the form of a betting slip, a winner’s ribbon, a form guide and, of course, some cash. The game has five Wilds, and the first one is the Winner’s Cup. This Wild will stand in for any symbol (excluding the other Wilds) to help create winning lines in the main game or during Dog Race; the game’s free spin feature. The other four Wilds are the Wildhounds of the game, Braveheart, Daring Dex, Beadle’s Teabag and Oh My Dog. During the main game, these dogs will land on the 5th reel and also help to create winning lines. If all four of the hounds land on the 5th reel, this will trigger the free spins… and the race is on! Dog Race is the free spin feature and, once triggered, you can choose which dog you want to back to win the race! At the start of the race your dog, along with the rest of the pack, will all start the race on the 5th reel, with a Race Indicator to the left of the first reel. On each spin, each of the four rows on the indicator will also spin and can potentially land a Golden Hare on one or more of the rows. Whenever a hare lands on a row the corresponding dog will move forward, hear the roar of the crowd as they egg the racers to the finish line! Free spins will continue until the race ends and one of the dogs moves past the 1st reel. If your dog doesn’t make it to the finish line first, you’ll collect any winnings gained from the free spins. If your dog comes first then you’ll be moved onto the Winner’s Wheel! The Winner’s Wheel is a bonus wheel that will spin and give you the opportunity to multiply your winnings by x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 or a massive x15! Get into the winning spirit with Wildhound Derby!
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    • Tên trò chơi Wildhound Derby
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    • Thiết bị được hỗ trợ vi tính, di động
    • Công nghệ HTML5
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