Wizard of Gems

Wizard of Gems

Game Rules

Wizard of Gems is a video slot game that features colourful gemstones that magically cascade down from above to create valuable winning combinations as they fill the game’s five columns! All 20 lines are active in each round.

The game includes a wild symbol (the spell book) and a free-spin scatter symbol (the star). The wild symbol can substitute for any other reel symbol except the scatter symbol to help comprise winning combinations. Along each line, only the prize for the most valuable combination will be awarded.

When prize-winning combinations appear along one or more lines, the symbols that comprise them magically vanish! Symbols then cascade down from above to re-fill each column, possibly forming new winning combinations. The vanishing and cascading process repeats in a round as long as winning combinations are created.

The payout for each winning combination achieved during a round is multiplied by the current multiplier, the factor displayed above the reels of the game screen. Starting at 1, the multiplier in each round increases (from 2 to 3 to 5) each time new symbols cascade down to replace symbols that have vanished.

When three star symbols appear anywhere, they will trigger a sequence of ten free spins. On each free spin, at least one wild symbol and up to nine wild symbols will appear to help comprise more winning combinations! Wild symbols appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4.

If three star symbols appear on a free spin, an additional sequence of ten free spins will follow the free-spin sequence already in progress. Up to five free-spin sequences can be triggered in succession, resulting in a total of up to 50 consecutive free spins!

The RTP is 94.68%.

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    • Tên trò chơi Wizard of Gems
    • RTP
    • Biến thể low
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    • Bố cục other
    • Dòng trả thưởng
    • Thiết bị được hỗ trợ vi tính, di động
    • Công nghệ HTML5
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