Side Bet City

Side Bet City

Live Side Bet City is a vibrant Live Casino game from Evolution that incorporates elements of poker, making it a hit with players who enjoy this card game. Players can wager on four outcomes with payouts ranging from 0.7:1 to 1000:1.

About Live Side Bet City

One of the selling points of Live Side Bet City is that it boasts a vibrant retro theme. Another is that the gameplay moves fast, which is ideal for players who don’t have a lot of time to spare. Since it only has a few rules, it’s a game that new players can learn quickly.


The side bets the game is named for are what makes it exciting to play. The game features the following bets:

  • Three-card hand
  • Five-card hand
  • Seven-card hand
  • All Lose

Players choose one of four betting markets, based on popular side bets in poker. The card ranks are identical to those in poker, ranging from any pair to a royal flush, and wins are attributed to hands that fall into one (or more) of the side bets. For example, if a player wagers on a three-card hand and the first three delta cards are 7♣, 7♥ and 10♣, then the player wins for hitting a pair. If the first three cards are 7♣, 10♣ and Q♥ and the next two are 7♥ and 8♠, but the player only wagered on a three-card hand, then this round is a loss. The same applies to five-card and seven-card bets, for which only the first five and seven cards count, respectively.

Each round in Side Bet City is played with a new deck of cards; thus, card counting is not a viable strategy to playing this game.

Bonuses and Special Features In Live Side Bet City

The three-card hand side bet requires the dealer to put three cards on the table, each with its face up. The cards are not laid out until all bets have been placed. Players that bet on that hand win money for that round.

The five-card hand side bet results in the dealer laying two additional cards on the table. Otherwise, it works the same way as the three-card hand side bet does. Players that bet on both win money for both. This continues with the seven-card hand side bet too.

The All Lose side bet is useful for players who don’t win on the three, five or seven-card hands. But it is also awarded to players who didn’t bother to bet on any of the card hands, making it the favorite feature of the game for many players.


Live Side Bet City is a game that is most likely to appeal to players who love the retro vibes and the neon-lit aesthetic. The entertaining gameplay and visually appealing studio attract players from all over the world, and its simplicity propelled this game to the top of the Most Played charts. Cruise over to our Live Casino and load up Evolution’s Side Bet City to see what this fantastic game is all about!

Game Rules

Maybe the most unique rule in Live Side Bet City is that there are never too many players. No matter how many there are at any given time, the game goes on. It uses a standard 52-card deck and between each round the cards are shuffled.

When the time comes to deal the cards, all seven are dealt. It starts with the initial three cards being dealt, with two more added each time. Every two cards, results are analyzed and the winners are declared.

Live Side Bet City is one of the few table games from Evolution in which players compete against the rule book, as opposed to each other or the dealer. For this reason, even though the game is similar to poker in many ways, most poker strategies cannot be used to play this game.


⭐What is Live Side Bet City game?

Live Side BeT City is poker with a twist. It’s a vibrant game from Evolution where strategy doesn’t mean much, and playing by the book is a necessity. In its simplest form, this game is a flashback to the 1980s, evident by its graphics and sound effects.

⭐How to play Live Side Bet City?

The game is played by having the dealer start with seven cards. Players must wager on three, five or seven-card hands or on All Lose. The winning hands rank similarly to hands in poker, and a detailed breakdown can be found in the rules section. Payouts range from 0.07:1 to 1000:1.

⭐Where to play Live Side Bet City for real money?

There are many online casinos where Live Side Bet City can be played for real money. At EnergyCasino, players can enjoy Side Bet City and hundreds of other fantastic Live Casino games and online slots. On top of that, our players can claim an epic Live Casino Welcome Bonus!

⭐Why is Live Side Bet City so popular?

There are a few reasons for the popularity of Live Side Bet City. One is that anyone who knows how to play poker can quickly learn how to play this game. Another is that with so few rules, the game’s learning curve is not steep at all! The fact that it can accommodate an unlimited number of players makes it an extremely popular choice at online casinos with live dealer lobbies.

⭐How to win Live Side Bet City?

The way to win Live Side Bet City is to correctly bet on the three, five or seven-card hands. But there is an extra way to win, as players who don’t place a winning bet on the three, five or seven-card hands win the All Lose side bet instead. Keep in mind that just like with all online casino games, Side Bet City is a game of chance and winning can never be guaranteed.

⭐Can you play Live Side Bet City online for real money?

Yes! To play Side Bet City for real money, players must have a registered online casino account and sufficient funds to place a real wager.

⭐How does Live Side Bet City work?

Live Side Bet City works by giving players a chance to compete against the rulebook. They don’t play against each other, or the dealer, as is the case in most table games. Instead, players try their luck betting on the three, five or seven-card hand that they believe will be the winner.

The RTP rate is different for each type of side bet. For the three-card hand it is 96.6%. For the five-card hand it is 95.2%. For the seven-card hand it is 94.3%. The RTP for the All Lose bet is 96.2%. In this way, Live Side Bet City works differently than any other casino game, despite its similarity to poker. It’s all luck, no strategy!

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