Football Studio

Football Studio

The Live Football Studio live casino game is another fantastic live show from Evolution. Playing Live Football Studio online is almost the same as watching a game on TV! If anything, the difference is that it is easier to play Live Football Studio than to watch a game! Even if a player doesn’t understand football, they can follow this game with ease.

About Live Football Studio

Since players have the ability to change the language they view the game in, Live Football Studio has worldwide appeal. It also offers players the flexibility of being able to access it on their mobile devices, including Windows, iOS and Android devices.

But these aren’t its only notable features. The game offers an interactive studio setup with brilliantly designed graphics and animations, making every moment of gameplay both memorable and enjoyable. When players win a bet, the studio’s lights begin to flash. The backdrop in the studio is where players’ winning streaks are displayed. Players can also share their predictions on a designated panel to the right.


The special features of the Live Football Studio game are:

  • Main Bet - a bet placed on Home or Away.
  • Draw Bet - a bet placed on a tie between Home and Away.
  • Live Dealer Chat - a function through which players can chat with the live dealer and amongst each other.

Bonuses and Special Features In Live Football Studio

The Main Bet awards even money based on the highest value of the two cards drawn. A draw occurs on any hand where the Away and Home cards have the same value, regardless of if they are the same or different suits. In case of a tie, players get back half the amount they spent on their main bet. Players who placed a Draw wager will enjoy a payout of 11:1.

Above everything else on the game screen is the name of the live dealer, followed by a place for chat messages. This is a great opportunity to ask the dealers any questions about the game. For new players who are still learning the ropes, this is the most valuable feature the game has to offer along with the detailed rules.

In addition to these features, there are two additional options for betting in the Live Football Studio game, with one being undo and the other being repeat. The undo option is used when players want to remove all of the bets they have made. The repeat option allows players to stick with the same bets without changing their value.


There are many table games that are difficult to learn, but Evolution’s Live Football Studio casino game is not one of them. No matter how knowledgeable players are about the sport, they can follow this game after learning its simple rules and structure. It is opening up football to a whole group of people that may have otherwise never developed an interest in it.

Game Rules

The cards are from the lowest value to the highest as follows, 2-10, J, Q, K and A. For each round, two face-up cards are dealt to the table: one for Home, and one for Away. All bets must be placed within the allocated time frame, before the round begins. The possible bet options are Home, Away and Draw (tie). If the round results in a tie but the player did not wager on Draw, then 50% of the stake is returned to the player.


⭐What is Live Football Studio?

Live Football Studio is a simple game from Evolution where players bet on teams playing a football game, with three betting markets: Home, Away and Draw.. If the player successfully predicts a Home team win, Away team win, or tie, they walk away with a cash prize.

⭐How to play Live Football Studio?

Playing the Live Football Studio casino game is quite straightforward. Players must select their wager before the beginning of each round by choosing Home, Away, Draw or any combination of the three. The live dealer will then place two cards on the table, face up, and the Home or Away card of the highest value will be declared the winning team. In case of a tie, 50% of the wager will be returned to each player. Players who wagered on Draw will enjoy a payout of 11:1.

⭐Where to play Live Football Studio for real money?

You can enjoy the fantastic Live Football Studio gameplay at EnergyCasino, one of the fastest-growing online casinos in the world. On top of this foot-tastic game, our players can savour the finest selection of Live Casino games and online slots, powered by industry giants like NetEnt, Evolution, Games global, BTG, Red Tiger and many others.

⭐Why is Live Football Studio so popular?

The Live Football Studio game from Evolution is so popular in part because it is easy to learn and to play. Despite the football theme, this game can be fun even for those who aren’t football fans!

⭐How to win Live Football Studio?

To win Live Football Studio players have to successfully predict whether the Away or Home card will have a higher value. Correct predictions net a cash prize for the winning players.

⭐Can you play Live Football Studio online for real money?

Yes, it is possible to play Live Football Studio online for real money. To place a real wager, players need to have a registered online casino account. In some cases, additional verification (proof of identity and age) may be required before players can place deposits and enjoy all of the casino’s products and services.

⭐How does Live Football Studio work?

The Live Football Studio game works by dealing two cards on the table, face up. One card is assigned to the Away space while the other card is assigned to the Home space. Before the cards are placed on the table, players bet on which one they think will have a higher value, a tie or a combination of the three markets. Home and Away wins pay 1:1, while a Draw bet will yield a payout of 11:1.

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    • Name Football Studio
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    • Max win (coins) 0
    • Min bet (Max bet) 500
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    • Supported devices Desktop, Mobile
    • Technology HTML5
    • Released 08.08.2016
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