From top-notch mechanics and immersive gameplay that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, Craps Live has it all! This fantastic live game was brought to life by the talented Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming), so we can expect a gaming experience that is nothing short of spectacular. 

If you’re a newbie craps player looking for a quick rundown, then you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we unpack every awesome feature this dice game has to offer and dive into the general gameplay. 


Craps Live is the live craps version of the timeless craps, a game known for diverse betting options and a low house edge. It offers fast-paced Live Casino gameplay with fun features and dynamic mechanics that make for a truly epic gaming experience. 

Craps Live was developed by the uber-talented Evolution, and in true Evolution fashion, this fantastic game is set in a lavish, speakeasy-themed studio that makes players feel like they’re right in the heart of an actual casino. And, paired with cutting-edge tech and HD streaming, Craps Live has all the makings of a top-notch experience. 

On top of that, when developing Craps Live, Evolution included in-built tools that help make the game easier to play and easier to pick up without sacrificing any entertainment. It comes as no surprise that live craps has quickly become one of the most popular table games played online.


Now that you have an idea of the aim of the game let’s take a look at the general gameplay. As we’ve mentioned, the goal is to predict the outcome of the roll of two dice. 

Playing craps live is pretty easy once you get the terminology down, so before we dive into a typical game round, here are a couple of things you should know:

In this casino game, there are two types of dice rolls: the Come Out roll and the Point roll. During both rolls, you can place either one-roll bets (also known as single-roll bets) or multi-roll wagers; we’ll dive into those a little later. The purpose of the Come Out roll phase is to create a point number for the next phase, which is where all the action really kicks off. 

When players take a seat at the betting table, a coloured puck will be used to indicate which roll phase is next. This will help players discern what type of bet to place. If the puck is black and says ‘OFF’, this indicates that the next roll is the Come Out phase. If the puck is white and says ‘ON’, this indicates that the next roll is the Point roll phase.

A typical game round begins with players placing their bets on the pass line on the first roll of the dice. On the user interface, players will find a number of different coloured betting chips which they can use to place their bets. 

During the Come Out roll phase, players must predict whether the dice will land on a seven or 11 (otherwise known as the Pass Line or Pass bet) or two, three or 12 (otherwise known as the Don’t Pass wager). The round ends if the total dice roll is seven or 11 (a ‘natural’), or two, three or 12 (a ‘craps’ roll). 

If the total value rolled amounts to four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or 10, then that value becomes the ‘point’ and kicks off the next stage of this online Live Casino game. The live dealer will place a puck on the point number on the craps table and then roll the dice again to set off the next phase. 

After the previous betting round has ended, the wager placed on Pass Line when the point was established will remain on the table until the point number is rolled again. A rolled seven indicates a losing roll during this phase.

An odds bet can be placed alongside the Pass Line wager, which may offer a different payout depending on the point number. All bets will be resolved when either the point number is rolled again, resulting in a win, or the dice roll amounts to a seven, resulting in a loss. Once this happens, the puck will switch to ‘OFF’, and the Come Out roll phase will begin again.


Craps Live features several types of bets, but they can be grouped into two categories: one-roll bets and multi-roll bets.


As their name implies, one-roll bets are wagers that are valid for only one roll and can be referred to as single-roll bets or proposition bets. These types of bets can be placed during both roll phases. One-roll bets include:

  • Field Bet: This wager covers all totals of two, three, four, nine, 10, 11 and 12. 
  • Seven Bet: A combination bet that covers any rolled combination of seven, including one and six, two and five, three and four. 
  • Craps Bet: The craps bet covers any craps roll. Totals of two, three and 12 win and pay 7:1; other rolls lose.
  • Crap 2 Bet: Involves betting on the total of two.
  • Crap 3 Bet: Involves betting on the total of three.
  • Crap 12 Bet: Involves betting on the total of 12.
  • Eleven Bet: Involves betting on the total of 11.
  • C-E Bet: This wager covers the combination of any craps total, as well as the bet on 11. Players are awarded a different payout depending on the outcome of the roll. 


Unlike one-roll wagers, multi-roll bets are not settled after the first roll. Instead, these betting options will stay on the table until the total of seven is rolled or the same chosen/established point number is rolled. Here’s a full list of the different multi-roll wagers you can place:

  • Pass Line Bet: The Pass Line bet pays out when the dice total is seven or 11 and is available only during the Come Put roll phase. If the dice total to two, three or 12, the payout is lost. During the Point roll, a win is paid out if the dice roll the same point number before a seven. 
  • Don’t Pass Bet: Don’t Pass bets are only available during the Come Out roll phase and pay out if the rolled dice have a total of two or three. If the rolled sum is 12, the bet is pushed and returned to the player. The bet is lost if the dice total is seven or 11. During the Point roll, the wager pays out if the roll is a seven before the same point number is rolled.
  • Come Bet: This betting option is only available during the Point roll phase, and can be placed at will. The Come bet pays out if seven or 11 is rolled and loses if two, three or 12 is rolled. If any other total is rolled, that number becomes the Come bet point, and your bet will be placed on hold and will pay out if that same number is rolled again before a seven. 
  • Don’t Come Bet: This wager pays out if the dice total two or three. If the rolled sum is 12, the bet is pushed and returned to the player. If the rolled sum is seven or 11, the bet is lost. A result of any other total will cause the betting chips to be moved to the upper-left corner of the total to mark the point. The bet wins if a total of seven is rolled before the same point number is rolled again. This wager is only available during the Point roll phase and has no limit to the number of times it can be placed.
  • Take Odds Bet: This wager is only available for Pass Line or Come bets that have an established point. It pays true odds of the established point against a seven and will win together with a Pass Line or Come bet. The maximum Odds bet that can be placed is based on the multiplier specified in the bet limits.
  • Lay Odds Bets: The Lay Odds wager is only available for Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bets that have an established point. This bet also pays true odds against an established point and will win together with a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come wager. 
  • Place to Win Bet: This wager involves betting on a total of four, five, six, eight, nine or 10 rolling before a seven.
  • Place to Lose Bet: This wager involves betting on a total of seven rolling before four, five, six, eight, nine or 10. 
  • Hardways Bet: The Hardways bet involves betting on any or all pairs of hardways — two and two, three and three, four and four, and five and five. The wager pays out if the exact pair is rolled but loses if any combination of seven is rolled or an easy combination of the total is rolled. This implies that, for instance, if the player bets on hardways four, the wager pays out if the dice show two and two but loses if they show three and one. 


Evolution always had a knack for taking a fun game and turning it into something spectacular, and this live craps table is no different. On top of a lavish studio decked out in high-tech solutions, players can also benefit from a few special features that they won’t be able to find in a land-based casino. 


The My Numbers feature is a unique mechanic that helps players keep track of number combinations and payouts. Keeping track of previous bets, as well as what numbers haven’t been wagered on, can be extremely useful for your live craps strategy.

Evolution also allows players to place their bets directly through this feature — kind of similar to the roulette statistics interface. 


Players who have never played Craps Live before will be given the option to begin playing in the Easy Mode — a gaming mode that specifically caters to beginner players who want to play the game with fewer bet spots. With just the click of a button, the user interface will transform to show a smaller betting grid with only the most simple bet spots available. 


While the Easy Mode is a great beginner tool, Evolution takes the teacher roll a step further by offering a quick tutorial before the live craps game begins. The cutting-edge tutorial is super interactive and is not something you find when playing Live Casino games. 

It works similarly to how a demo would work in slots. Players can familiarise themselves with the general Craps Live gameplay and get an idea of what the different wagers do without having to put down actual cash. Of course, players won’t be able to win actual payouts when in the Tutorial mode, but it’s a fantastic tool nonetheless.

The tutorial can be accessed by hitting the shirt and tie icon found on the user interface. If you’ve played craps online before and are already familiar with the gameplay, you can go ahead and skip the tutorial entirely.


The dynamic statistics board shows other players' real-time bets and results and is constantly updating. These statistics include:

  • Top Numbers — indicates the top five dice totals that all players have wagered on.
  • Popular Bets —  indicates the top five bet spots that players have placed their bets on for the next dice roll. 

While it may not directly affect your betting strategy, having an idea of what other players are doing may help you make better decisions, especially if you’re still starting out. 


The Dealer Assist feature is a mechanic that can be accessed by heading to the ‘Settings’ menu. This feature allows you to keep your winning bets on the live craps table, ready for the next round.


Playing live craps at online casinos completely transformed and revolutionised this popular dice game. Craps is already a game that keeps players on their toes, but this fantastic game has become absolutely amazing thanks to Evolution. What’s better is that, on top of great gameplay and dynamic features, Evolution truly immerses players into the grand game studio thanks to professional live dealers, HD streaming and interactive mechanics. 

The bummer is that Craps Live is not one of the easiest games to get into. There’s a lot of terminology and wagers to become familiar with, which is not the greatest news for newbies. But, being the amazing game developer it is, Evolution counteracts this issue with the Easy and Tutorial modes! Pretty cool, if you ask us. 


The game rules are fairly easy to understand once you get into the flow. 

Like other live dealer games, as you enter the lobby and take a seat to play live craps online, you will find a number of different coloured chips on the user interface. Each chip holds a different bet value, ranging from a minimum of €0.50 (or currency equivalent) to a maximum of €500. 

The types of bets available in this game are pretty standard to craps. It does not include any special side bets, but it does offer a few different mechanics that help make your gaming experience more special. You can head to the ‘?’ tab for a full rundown of any information regarding betting options in the game, Craps Live odds and rules. 

Since this dice game is played live, you will be given an allotted time frame to place your bet. Once this time frame expires, the round will begin. The white or black ‘ON’/ ‘OFF’ puck will indicate which round will set off. The shooter will then roll the dice, and bets will be paid out.



Craps Live is a popular dice game developed by Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming). Essentially, it is the online version of the well-loved land-based casino game, craps, but with an avant-garde twist. While Craps Live features much of the same gameplay as its land-based counterpart, this Live Casino game offers additional mechanics, like the My Numbers feature and the Dynamic Statistics feature, that totally set it apart.


Craps Live is not one of the easiest games to pick up, but it's pretty much plain sailing once you get the terminology down. Essentially, the goal is to predict the outcome of a rolled pair of dice. 

There are two roll phases in every game, and in both phases, players would be able to place either a one-roll bet (a wager that gets resolved after one roll, also referred to as a proposition bet or single-roll bet) or a multi-roll bet (a wager that remains on the table). 

Wagers can be placed using the different coloured chips found on the user interface. Players can also choose to begin their experience with the Craps Live tutorial to get a feel of the gameplay. For more information, head to the ‘?’ tab.


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Craps Live is one of those live dealer games that constantly leaves players on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Unlike poker, which gives players an idea of the outcome of their hand as they play, this live craps game is totally unpredictable — which is why it has become so popular. 

Aside from the general gameplay, Craps Live was developed by Evolution, implying that it also includes additional features and mechanics that really turn up the heat. These high-tech mechanics are what make playing Craps Live at online casinos so fun.


Although utilising a betting strategy may help boost your odds, winning is never guaranteed. Live Casino tables like this craps game always feature a house edge, which indicates how much of an advantage the house has on the player.


Unlike First Person Craps, an online craps game, Craps Live is streamed live in real time with a live dealer and can only be played for real money. That said, Evolution gave players the option to test out the gameplay using the free interactive tutorial.


Playing craps online at Live Casinos is different from playing the game at land-based ones. The foundation of the gameplay is basically the same, with the goal being to predict the outcome of a rolled pair of dice. 

That said, live craps games like Craps Live also include additional mechanics that cannot be replicated in a land-based setting. These may include the Dealer Assist feature, the My Numbers feature, or even the Live Chat mechanic that is typical to Live Casino tables. It is safe to say that playing live craps is a lot more dynamic than its brick-and-mortar counterpart.

While playing craps online, live-version gameplay may be too overwhelming and quick for new players. The good news is that you can try playing this game at your own pace through the first-person version, First Person Craps (also brought to you by Evolution). Alternative, you can also make use of the Easy and Tutorial modes; these simplified game modes help players play and learn the game of craps.

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