Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em

Play Casino hold ‘em for a chance to win a sweet payout by playing against the house! Similar to Texas hold ‘em, this Live Casino table from Evolution is an entertaining, classic poker game with a twist! Play against the dealer instead of your fellow poker players for a chance to win amazing prizes, like a share of that awesome jumbo jackpot prize.

About Casino Hold ‘em

Rolled out by Evolution, this amazing poker game features a live dealer, a 52-card deck and a classy baize table that truly immerses you into the game, making you feel as if you’ve come face-to-face with the dealer. Grab some chips and place awesome bets such as the optional Aces or Better bonus bet for a chance to win!

The underlying gameplay of Casino hold ‘em is pretty standard, as an homage to the classic poker table game. The aim of the game is to make the best 5-card poker hand out of the two cards dealt to the player and the five community cards. However, this Live Casino game features a few twists and turns that would leave you on the edge of your seat!


This table game is played with a standard 52-card deck. At the beginning of every round, the player is allotted a specific betting time to place any bets with the chips they’ll find on the user interface. The player starts out by placing an Ante bet and may also place additional side bets, such as the Aces or Better Bonus bet or the Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet.

The Bonus side bet can only be placed with the Ante bet and only counts on the first 5-card hand. A player would receive a payout if they manage to get a pair of aces or better. Moreover, the Jumbo 7 side bet is an optional bet which gives the player a chance to win a share of the progressive jackpot of this table game. The jackpot prize accumulates over time with every Jumbo 7 bet placed. Players may also win a fixed amount if they manage to get a straight or better.

Once the betting time closes, two cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer. The dealer’s cards are hole cards, meaning that they will be dealt face down and concealed from the players. In succession to this, three community cards, also known as flop cards, are dealt face up. With these three cards, the player would be able to get an idea of the potential of their hand. At this point the player can decide to either fold, which would mean that they lose their Ante bet (and their side bets), or to call, which would require the player to double their wager as a call bet (Play) to continue the round

If the player decided to call, then two more cards are dealt face up adding to the other three community cards and the two cards that the player started off with. Finally, the dealer will flip over their two hole cards to see who has the strongest hand.

The player wins depending on whether the dealer qualifies with a hand of a pair of fours or better, if not then you win both your Ante bet and the call bet. If the dealer qualifies and has a stronger hand, then you will lose your Ante.


There are a number of ways to win in this Live Casino table game. The following is a list of all the winning hands you may obtain, listed from the strongest hand to the weakest:

  • Royal Flush — The royal flush hand holds the highest poker value. It includes an ace, king, queen, jack and 10 all of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush — A straight flush contains five subsequent cards of the same suit. For example, five, four, three, two and ace of spades will form a straight flush.
  • Four of a Kind — This hand contains four of the same card, eg: four jacks.
  • Full House — This hand contains three cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank.
  • Flush — This hand contains any five cards of the same suit. For example, a queen, king and ace is a flush.
  • Straight — This hand contains five sequential cards of any suit.
  • Three of a Kind — This hand contains three cards of one rank, and two cards of another.
  • Two Pair — A two pair is a hand that includes two pairs of two cards of the same rank, eg: two jacks and two queens.
  • Pair — A hand containing two cards of the same rank.
  • High Card — This is the least valued hand a player can obtain, which will be ranked according to the value of the highest-ranking card.

A full list of all the possible winnings and the house edge are available in the game’s rules.

Bonuses and special features in Casino Hold ‘em

Although this game does not feature a specific special feature, it does however, include two additional bets that you can place at the start of the round. The Aces or Better Bonus bet pays out if a player manages to obtain a pair of aces or better. The Jumbo 7 bet gives a chance to win a share of the amazing progressive jackpot, which accumulates with every Jumbo 7 bet placed on the game.

At EnergyCasino, we also offer cool bonuses for you to get your hands on to use at all your favourite Live Casino game tables! Be on the lookout for the Live Casino Cashback bonus, which may return a percentage of your losses in cash.


This game is definitely a staple when it comes to Live Casino games, as it holds a special place in many players’ hearts. The game’s most distinguishing feature is the progressive jackpot, which grows over time with every wager placed on Jumbo 7 Jackpot. The more players drop their chips on the table, the greater the jackpot will be! The jackpot prize pool also features fixed cash prizes for a straight or better. On top of that, you can also place an Aces or Better side bet to bring in some extra cash for hitting a pair of aces or better. However, if you are a strategy player, you may find that this game does not yield to popular strategies like card counting. At the end of each round, the 52-card deck will be shuffled — so take your chances and up the ante wisely. When you’re ready, grab your seat and play against the house for a chance to win a share of that awesome jackpot!

Game Rules

The rules of the game are fairly straightforward if you are familiar with the classic game of poker. At the beginning of the round, you place an Ante bet with one of the chips.

The dealer must first draw two face-up cards and the three community cards (flop cards) will be dealt, face down, shortly after. With these flop cards, you would be able to see if your two cards and the flop cards may form a strong hand and decide whether to fold or call bet. In the case where you decide to call, the dealer will draw two more community cards face up.

With these community cards and your original two, you would be able to determine whether you have a chance to beat the dealer with a stronger hand and, thus, win your Ante Bet and any other bets you might have placed. Just like the player’s, the dealer’s hole cards can form hands in conjunction with the community cards. The dealer will qualify for the round with a pair of fours or better.

A full detailed list of all the possible hands you might be able to obtain are available under the ‘?’ tab, ranked in order from the strongest to the weakest. For example, hands such as the royal flush, straight flush and four of a kind are one of the strongest, whereas hands such as the one pair and high card are the weakest.


⭐What is Casino Hold ‘em?

This is a poker table game with some added flavour! This Live Casino game allows you to place, not only an Ante bet, but awesome additional bets too, including the Aces or Better and the Jumbo 7 bet where you have a chance to win a share of the amazing progressive prize pot!

⭐How to play Casino Hold ‘em?

This table game holds the same underlying gameplay of its classic counterpart. Place an Ante bet, receive two cards and the three community cards to be dealt face up after the dealer draws their cards, face down. The aim is to collect the best 5-card poker hand. You win a payout if your hand ranks higher than the dealer’s hand. For some extra spice, you may also choose to place side bets for a chance to win a higher payout or a share of the progressive jackpot.

If you’re looking for the best Hold ’em casino table, make sure to check the game’s variants to familiarise yourself with the house edge and the game’s instructions. Take a close look at the minimum bet on the ante, pay table and the winning hands (straight, flush, any pair and etc.), as not all games feature the same betting markets and hand rankings. The house edge and the game’s pay tables should be easily accessible by clicking the ‘?’ button.

⭐Where to play this poker game for real money?

At EnergyCasino, of course! All you need to do is log in with your details, head to our Live Casino lobby, search for the game and press play! Make sure to check out the rules of the game before playing if you’re just getting started on your online casino game journey.

⭐Why is this game so popular?

Because it is not your average game! Apart from being able to place an Ante bet, you may also choose to set amazing bonus bets, one of which being the Jumbo 7 bet! This is a progressive jackpot that accumulates over time, which also features fixed cash prizes for a straight or better. With a bonus bet such as this, it’s no wonder why so many people love this game!

⭐How to win Casino Hold ‘em?

As with many other games offered by online casinos, this is a game of chance and so there is no guarantee of winning a payout. Card counting is not viable, as the deck is shuffled after every round. You can increase your winnings by placing additional bets, but keep in mind that more bets do not equate to increased odds of winning.

⭐Can you play this game online for real money?

There is no demo mode available to play, so every time you set an Ante bet, you do have a chance of earning a payout. Be sure to check out the full, detailed explanation of the game prior to starting to get an idea of what you’re in for.

⭐How does Casino Hold ‘em work?

The aim of the game is simple — obtain the best 5-card poker hand and see if it beats the dealer and their cards. Set an Ante bet, receive your cards and hope to earn a payout with winning hands such as the royal flush or four of a kind. The dealer must qualify in order to compete. You also have the option to place additional bonus bets for a chance to win an even greater payout. Head to the ‘HELP’ tab on the user interface for a full rundown of the game, the winning hands and their payouts, as well as the house edge.

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