Wild Frames Slot Review

Wild Frames Slot Review

Fresh from game providers Play'n GO, the Wild Frames slot does well to combine modern developed features with the traditional gameplay players would expect on a fruit slot themed game. With a fun cascading mechanism and RTP of 96.50% to go along with well-polished animations, high definition graphics and a suitable soundtrack, the Wild Frames slot provides players with a uniquely feeling game, built on established and successful mechanisms.

About Wild Frames Slot

The Wild Frames game is a seven by seven cascading slot from renowned game providers Play'n Go. Available on all devices, the Wild Frames online slot can be spun for as little as €0.20 up until €100.00 a spin. Boasting a great RTP of 96.5%, the game comes equipped with a number of features which make the players' time on this slot more interesting. With a Charge Meter feature, Multipliers and other winning opportunities on its reels, the Wild Frames slot proved to be another exciting slot from Play'n Go.

Wild Frames Gameplay

Upon loading up the Wild Frames online slot, the player is met with a well-polished laid out game, where information is displayed up front and readily available for the player.

At the centre of the game, the slot provides the player with the reels. From here the player will be able to see the main part of the slot; the cascading symbols, as well as the winning sections. Towards the left-hand side, the player will be able to see their winning symbols stack up, as towards the right of the slot the player will be able to see the Wild Frames Charge meter filling up with every winning combination.

At the lower part of the slot, below the reels, players will be able to interact with the wager settings and spin settings of the slot. From here the player can easily set their wager to their desired amount as well as choose to spin or use the Auto Spin function.


Towards the lower half of the screen, players are easily able to change their wager amount through the + and - symbols, as well as individually selecting the button containing the amount they wish to wager.

Play'n Go have also helpfully added a footer on the game which provides exact information on the wagering amount, current balance and total win.

The Wild Frames slots offers players a wagering range from €0.20, up until €100.00 a spin.


In order of most valuable, the symbols players will encounter in the Wild Frames game are the Lucky Seven, Blue Diamond, Star, Bell, Diamond symbol, Heart symbol, Spade symbol and Club symbol.

Wild Frames Free Play

If you aren’t convinced yet, try out the Wild Frames demo version and see for yourself! You can access Wild Frames free play in just a few clicks: log in to your EnergyCasino account, search for Wild Frames, and hover over the thumbnail to display the grey Demo button. You can adjust your wager to suit your playstyle, and you will have plenty of virtual funds to fully enjoy the experience of the Wild Frames online casino slot.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to register and complete the verification process in order to access the DEMOs. In cases where verification is not necessary, you may be able to play as a visitor.

Wild Frames Free Spin Features

While the Wild Frames slot does not incorporate a Free Spin feature, players on the slot can benefit with a number of other bonus features through the in-game charge meter, such as Transformations, Wildcards and Shatters. Each of these bonus features may  increase their chances of winnings.


The Wild Frames slot does a superb job of polishing itself up to become a modern slot with the fun cascading functionality, interesting bonus features and well-working mechanisms. With an RTP of 96.50%, the Wild Frames slot provides its players many opportunities to benefit on its reels, especially through its Charge Meter, transforming symbols, adding symbols and removing low yielding symbols.

Overall the design of the slot is very well presented, fun great animations and a fun soundtrack to go with its cascading casino theme.

Game Rules

Released in 2019, Wild Frames is a smash hit from Play’n GO featuring cascading cluster plays, abundant Wilds, a Charge Meter and plenty of bonus mechanics for you to enjoy.

  • Wild Frames is a 7x7 slot game with no paylines. The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent), and the maximum possible win is 7,000x the wager. Winning clusters are attributed in groups of five or more symbols that touch horizontally or vertically. Winning symbols will be removed from the grid and replaced by new, cascading symbols.
  • There are nine symbols in Wild Frames, including the Wild. Wild symbols create a frame on every grid they land on and will upgrade existing frames with inactive multipliers. The frames will stay inactive until the Charge Meter is full.
  • The Charge Meter is filled by one for every symbol in a winning cluster. Collect 20, 40, 60 or 80 to activate the special features: Transform, Wildcard, Shatter and Wild Frames respectively.
  • The bonus features can transform non-suit symbols, add Wilds to the grid, remove suit symbols and activate Wild Frames. All frames become active and turn the symbols into Wilds. Every 10 extra charges over 80 will award two frames at random. Only the highest multiplier will be used for each winning cluster.
  • The RTP of Wild Frames is 96.50%.


⭐ How to play the Wild Frames slot?

Like most of its other games, Play’n GO presents the Wild Frames slot as a highly finished and polished game, allowing players to understand the mechanisms quickly after loading up the game, through helpful information as well as animation on its reels.

In the centre of the screen, players will be immediately met with the main part of the game. The reels which randomise after every spin will show the player what is happening, showing a cascade of winning formations and symbols.

The second part of the slot is where the players are able to interact with the functions of the game. From here you will be able to set your wager and manipulate other game settings to your liking.

⭐ What is the RTP of Wild Frames?

The RTP of Wild Frames is 96.50%.

⭐ Can I play Wild Frames on mobile?

Yes, the Wild Frames online slot can be accessed easily through your mobile, and any device. Simply log in to your EnergyCasino account on your device, search for Wild Frames, and hit the Play button after pressing on the thumbnail. Wild Frames demo and regular versions are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. You can also dive into our Sportsbook, Live Casino, and play other mobile slots on the go.

⭐ How can I play the Wild Frames online casino slot for free?

Like most other slots on EnergyCasino, the Wild Frames game is available to be played through its demo version. You’ll be able to enjoy all the functions of the regular game, wagering without financial risk. To get started simply log in to your EnergyCasino account and search for Wild Frames on the Casino page. Hover over the thumbnail of the game and select the DEMO button to get started.

⭐ Where can I play the Wild Frames slot for real money?

EnergyCasino retains a huge library of slots and games including the Wild Frames online slot. To play the game for real money, all you’ll need to do is log in to your EnergyCasino account, head to the casino and search for the Wild Frames slot. Once entered into the search bar, the thumbnail of the game will automatically appear. Simply select the slot to load up the game, get ready to start spinning.

⭐ Can I win real money with Wild Frames demo play?

No, the demo version of the Wild Frames game provides you with virtual funds. The demo version is there to give players an idea of the game, and allow them to understand the features in a safe environment, without needing to wager real funds.

⭐ What are the benefits of Wild Frames free play?

It is always recommended that players test out a slot before they financially commit to playing it. By enjoying the slot and understanding the features before wagering actual money, you will have the chance to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the game, making sure that you understand exactly what is happening on screen. You also have the chance to try out and test different strategies on the slot, finding one which works for you.

⭐ How to win in the Wild Frames game?

As with all casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning.

The Wild Frames slot does, however, come with a great RTP of 96.50% as well as interesting in-game features which may benefit players. While playing the Wild Frames slots, players will notice that on the right-hand side of the game, a Charge Meter is building up with every winning combination. The meter will release an in-game transformation, wildcard and shatter feature bonus effect once it hits the 20, 40 and 60 marks, thereby increasing the win potential and earnings of the player during that spin.

We strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks, and always play responsibly.

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    • RTP 96.50%
    • Variance low
    • Gain maximum (pièces) 7000
    • Mise minimale (mise maximale) 100
    • Mise en page 7x7
    • Lignes de paiement 0
    • Dispositifs pris en charge Bureau, Mobile
    • Technologie HTML5
    • Sorties 19.12.2019
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