3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a fantastic Live Casino game that continuously ups the gaming ante. Brought to you by Evolution, this poker game is all about 3-card poker hands. The objective is simple: beat the dealer with a better 3-card hand. To spice up your gameplay, Evolution added a few more bonus bets — try your luck at this game for a chance to win!

About the Three Card Poker

This poker variant is a fast-paced, energetic game featuring fun gameplay and a beautifully designed studio. You’re immersed right into the game as you take a seat and play against the dealer for a chance to win. Place your chips in the Ante, Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus and see if you can secure a stronger three-card hand!

As you enter the game, you are greeted by a live dealer at a refined poker table. At the beginning of every round, you may place your bets within a limited time frame while the ‘PLACE YOUR BETS’ sign is active. Three cards are then dealt to both you and the dealer, the dealer’s cards are dealt face down.


The aim of the game is to try and earn a better hand than the dealer’s and receive a payout for doing so. There are several types of bets available in this game, including the classic Ante Bet. After your cards have been dealt and you don’t wish to fold, you may continue playing by placing a Play Bet (equivalent to your Ante). Optional side bets in are the Pair Plus and the 6 Card Bonus bet. You will find up to six chips to choose from on the user interface, each holding their own bet value ranging from €1 (or currency equivalent) to €1,000. You may also double your bet if you wish.

The values of the cards are ranked in descending order and thus, the king is the highest-valued card and the 2 is the lowest-valued card. The ace can rank both high and low. There are a number of winning hands in this game including the following: mini royal, straight flush, three of a kind, flush, straight, pair and high card.

It is important to note that the straight is more valuable than the flush, simply because it is more difficult to form a straight than a flush.

There are also a number of winning hands for the 6 Card Bonus bet, including the royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight and three of a kind. If you place a 6 Card Bonus bet, you will win a payout if your cards plus the dealers cards form a winning hand.

Bonuses and special features

This poker game includes a fun bonus bet into the game. Play for a chance to win the 6 Card Bonus bet for an amazing payout if your cards and the dealers cards form a winning hand. Players can also try their luck by placing a Pair Plus side bet for a chance to earn a higher payout as well. At online casino EnergyCasino, we also offer Live Casino bonuses so be sure to check out our casino bonus Promotions page for a chance to boost your poker gaming experience.


This Live Casino game sets the bar with live poker tables, as this poker game is definitely one to remember. Place the Ante Bet and other fun side bets if you’re feeling lucky, and don’t miss out on awesome poker gameplay!

Game Rules

Place Ante, Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus bets, ranging between €1 and €1,000 (or currency equivalent) within the allotted time-frame. Once the betting time expires, three cards are dealt to both you and the dealer, the dealer’s cards are dealt face down.

The stronger three-card hand will win the round, and players who gambled on the 6 Card Bonus will enjoy a payout if theirs and the dealer’s cards form a hand of three of a kind or better. A Pair Plus bet will payout on a pair or better, and the players can also place the Play Bet to double down on their wager after the cards have been dealt.

Be sure to check out all the winning hands listed in the game rules under the ‘HELP’ tab found on the user interface.


⭐What is Three Card Poker?

This game is classic poker with a twist, featuring a multitude of winning hands and fun bets to place. Place Ante and Play bets, as well as side bets, such as the Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus, for a chance to win one of the game’s payouts. If you’re feeling confident in your hand, you can place the Play Bet, after your cards have been dealt, to up the ante and play for a chance at a higher ante bonus payout.

⭐How to play Three Card Poker?

The gameplay is fairly simple. All you would need to do is place the Ante bet and any side bets, if you’re feeling lucky. Once you set your wager, you are dealt three cards by the dealer and will have the option to place an additional Play wager to up the Ante and play the round for a chance at higher 3-card poker payouts. The aim of the game is to earn a better 3-card poker hand than the dealer. If you’re not feeling too confident, you can opt to Fold instead.

⭐Where to play Three Card Poker for real money?

Play at EnergyCasino for a chance to win real payouts! Simply head to our Live Casino page, search for the game and press ‘PLAY’.

⭐Why is Three Card Poker so popular?

This fantastic game offers the classic poker game experience with an added twist. This poker game is extremely fast-paced and is the exact reason why it has become so popular. You’re always kept on your toes!

⭐How to win 3 Card Poker?

When playing any variant of 3-card poker, odds are that you won’t receive a payout every single round due to the fact that this is a game of chance. The cards are dealt completely at random and the deck is shuffled after every round. You can increase your winnings by placing additional side bets, but keep in mind that more bets do not equate to increased odds of winning.

⭐Can you play Three Card Poker online for real money?

Yes! This poker game does not feature a demo mode so you have a chance to win a payout every time you set a wager!

⭐How does 3 Card Poker work?

The aim of the game is simple. Place an Ante Bet and any of the side bets if you choose to do so, and hope to earn a better 3-card poker hand than the dealer. If you feel confident in your hand, you can place a Play Bet to continue playing or fold. If your cards are stronger than the dealer’s hand, then you win a payout. Head to the ‘HELP’ tab on the user interface for a full rundown of the rules of the game and the payouts you can earn.

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